Top 4 Facts To Know About Bats in Your Home

Top 4 Facts To Know About Bats in Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You’re lying in bed when you wake up to a mysterious scratching noise in the attic. Before your mind jumps to the latest horror movie you watched, listen a little harder. Do you hear squeaking? It may be time to look into bat removal CT.

What Signs Do Bats Leave?

There are a few tell-tale signs that you have bats. When entering your attic, you may notice an ammonia smell. That can be caused by their excrement. Next, look for the excrement itself. Do you see any urine staining or droppings? If you examine the ceiling, you might even see some dangling bats.

What Is the Problem With Bats?

It can be beneficial to have bats around your property, but they don’t make the best roommates. Bats usually don’t bother you directly. However, they may bite if they feel threatened. Bat bites, as well as their feces and any parasites they could be carrying, can make you ill. The most severe sicknesses include rabies and histoplasmosis. There is also the risk of damage to your home.

What if It Isn’t Bats?

Other wildlife infestations have similar signs. Animals such as raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats and opossums can make their way into your home. Don’t worry, though. A professional exterminator can help no matter what kind of pests are plaguing your home.

What Should You Do Next?

Once you’ve had an exterminator CT remove all your pests, there are a few steps you can take to keep them out. Do a thorough investigation to determine how animals are getting in. There are obvious methods of entry, such as an open door or window. You may be shocked at the small gaps that can be used, too. Seal up any holes you find in your fascia, siding, roof, and mortar.

Now that you know how to identify your culprit, recognize the dangers they bring and correct the problem, your home can be pest-free. You can sit back and get a good night’s rest in your quiet, secure abode.

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