The Mind and Body’s Amazing Ability to Heal Itself

The Mind and Body's Amazing Ability to Heal Itself from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Perhaps, you think it’s magic? Well, it’s not! The long-standing fact that the body possesses specific healing mechanisms that helps it heal without the help of drugs or medications has been scientifically confirmed. It has an amazing ability to heal itself.

The first man to mention this was Hippocrates – the renowned father of medicine. He invented therapeutic treatments premised on the fact that the body carries certain natural healing abilities. Hippocrates’ postulates suggest that the doctor just needs to facilitate these healing processes, rather than interfering with them. 

Now, more than ever, the “complementary” and “alternative” medicine types have continuously explored these principles. Even at that, there is more to it than the simplicity it carries. It doesn’t mean your body will get rid of disease on its own if you don’t do anything. 

Lastly, it is essential to state that happiness plays a key role in healing the body naturally. 

The Concept of Illness

There is a link between the self-healing ability of the body and the concept of illness. There are various definitions of disease, depending on the branch of medicine in consideration. For instance, an illness is a change in the normal functioning of the body, according to traditional allopathic medicine. The World Health Organization, on the other hand, believes illness is “an alteration or deviation of the physiological state of one or various parts of the body. Generally, by known causes, manifested through symptoms, and characteristic signs. The evolution of which is more or less predictable.”

If we are going by the WHO definition, it means a doctor is expected to recreate the natural balance in body functions by applying chemotherapy – therapeutic applications of chemicals.  Other branches of medicine, especially the alternative ones, have views other than this. Alternative medicine believes there is a way the body expresses imbalance existing between the environment and the body — for instance, the nutrition, lifestyle, and other exchange processes between the surrounding and the body.

Hence, healing is not just about making the illness disappear, and it also seeks to recreate that crucial balance. This idea is premised on the principle that emotions are vital to healing. So, what every treatment option should focus on both the mind and the body. A healed mind is, ultimately, a healed body. This is why people seek alternative medicines, like kratom, in order to help both physical and mental problems they should be facing. There are plenty of guides out there for first time users of alternative medicine to help them work out things like dosage in order to produce the effects they are looking for.


You will find a particular mechanism in every living thing, which helps them maintain or recreate a precise inner balance. This mechanism is called Homeostasis, and it helps the body stay autoregulated. Hence, the effect of the changes in the outside world is minimal on life itself, and we can simply call Homeostasis an adaptive response. 

So, the ideal way to maintain a good life and health is to have every organ contribute to the homeostatic process. Fortunately, every organ in the body is biologically equipped to do this. But in cases where this becomes impossible due to one reason or another, the role of a traditional doctor would be to recreate this particular balance using some external methods. An alternative doctor will identify the uncooperative organ and help it recover its ability to sync with others and create the much-needed overall balance.

How can we heal ourselves?

The emotional state of the body plays a crucial role in the overall health of the body.  To put this more simply, the fact that every organ in the body has nerves means that they are all linked to the central nervous system, and thus affected by the brain at different levels. 

For instance, an angry person will experience a couple of effects in their body system. These include a faster heartbeat and increased muscular tension, among others. If the anger keeps coming every time, the physiological change that comes with it will start influencing the other organs associated with the feeling. This means that one of these organs might start malfunctioning at some point in time. 

This is not only limited to anger – it affects other feelings and emotions. It goes beyond a subjective experience; they go as far as changing the body’s physiology in different ways.  So, the actions of auto-destructive emotions or feelings can make the body diseased. However, you can use this same logic give the ability to heal itself – all you need to do is work on these subjective elements causing the malfunction. Finally, it is crucial to find out if there is any emotional source of discomfort when it involves chronic diseases.  In the words of Tori Smedley, from A1 Myotherapy Ringwood, “there are very high chances that the solutions to the illnesses we face are most likely in our minds, rather than the multiple medications we end up ingesting.”

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