The Common Myths about CBD and Hemp Oil

The CBD oil industry has created a lot of excitement over the past few years for its fantastic health benefits. Furthermore, CBD oil has been featured in many research studies and clinical trials with positive results revealing its curative properties in various ailments, including CBD for anxiety. Because of this, there are now more CBD oil-infused products to choose from than ever before. For example, this new CBD brand sells both broad-spectrum trauma oil and water-soluble forms of CBD. If you are considering using any CBD products yourself it is therefore strongly recommended that you compare a few different brands to find the right products for your needs.

While more studies are being conducted, CBD oil continues to be used as a treatment for conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and much more. Modern LED grow lights are used to grow the special weed variety. 

The Common Myths about CBD and Hemp Oil from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

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The talk about CBD oil has spread across the world. Top CBD companies now have products available on the market with people being so perplexed with their abilities. Different sources have their own opinions about CBD, with others spreading a lot of misconceptions regarding the product. Sometimes you need to do your research to see where you can find the top rated CBD oil UK.

Here are some of the myths about CBD and hemp oil

CBD from Hemp is Not the Same as CBD from Marijuana

CBD extracted from the hemp plant is the same as CBD derived from marijuana. Both marijuana and hemp are products of the cannabis genus. Legally, hemp is cannabis which has less than 0.3% THC. Anything else with over 0.3% THC is considered as marijuana.

Pure CBD isolates from the hemp plant is similar to pure CBD isolate from marijuana. The difference comes in when the product contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids. When hemp plants are ly harvested early, the amount of THC content in the end product reduces. This also helps to stunt the growth of terpenes and other cannabinoids. 

Marijuana is often harvested much later, which makes it have more terpene and cannabinoids. And if you want to do some research about it you can always look online or go to Hempfest, as HEMPFEST is one of America’s oldest and most popular marijuana festivals to speak to growers first-hand.

Hemp Seed and Hemp Oil Are the Same Things

Hemp seed and hemp oil are not the same. Hemp seed oil is derived from the hemp plant. The seeds have no cannabinoids and so cannot produce CBD.

Hemp oil describes both hemp-derived CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The two products are different and can be confusing to many people. The only way to know whether a product contains appropriate amounts of CBD is by asking the manufacturer for a third-party lab report that shows the cannabinoid profile of the product. If they don’t have the lab report chances are the product does not contain CBD.

CBD Oil Can Get You High

CBD is from the cannabis plant and many people often assume that it is psychoactive and will get you high. This is not true at all. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and will not cause a ‘high’ effect. Even the World Health Organization has concluded that CBD does not have any potential for substance abuse. CBD is safe to use and is not the same as marijuana.

The Common Myths about CBD and Hemp Oil from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Copyright: Unsplash | License: COO Public Domain

CBD Oil Will Make You Test Negative on a Drug Test

This idea is often promoted by the brands selling CBD oil. They spread the word that you cannot test positive for drugs when using CBD oil. Unfortunately, this is misleading and not true at all.  

Even the full-spectrum CBD oil that contains about 2mg of THC per 1ml will still not cause any intoxicating effects to the body. Available isolate based pure CBD products also carries less risk. The variables that factor the risk of testing positive for drugs include the method of intake, weight, frequency of consumption, and much more. Remember, though, that THC can build up in the body over time, so you may not test positive immediately.

Hemp Does Not Contain THC

A lot of people believe that hemp can be considered THC free because it has very little THC content according to the law. Hemp has up to 0.3% of THC, and it is challenging to process a cannabis plant that is devoid of traces of THC.

Even when many products have removed the THC content during extraction, the raw flower still has the plant’s natural content. Hemp plant still contains THC even in small amounts.

CBD is Only Sourced from Marijuana

CBD is just one among many compounds that are found in marijuana. But marijuana is not the only source of CBD; the hemp plant can also produce CBD oil. Marijuana is banned from growing, while hemp plants are legal to grow. 

The key difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp seeds are highly nutritious and very useful. The plant fibers can also be used for textiles and construction.

Hemp has about 0.3% THC, meaning that you cannot get high when you consume it. Despite having minimal amounts of THC, the hemp plant has high levels of CBD. The hemp plant can still be grown so that the CBD compound can be extracted and used in many ways to provide treatment for various disorders. 

Now you understand that CBD can be derived from different sources


CBD products are gradually growing in popularity, with a lot of discussions surrounding them on social media. The trend about them will continue for as long as people keep reaping the benefits of this compound. The myths outlined above will help to clear any misconceptions you have about CBD oil. They will enable you to make an educated decision when purchasing your CBD oil.

Whenever you come across any information about CBD, do not believe it right away. Do your research to find more about the product and make a decision based on accurate findings.

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