How to Get Motivated Before the Clock Strikes Monday

There isn’t a human on planet Earth who hasn’t struggled with figuring out how to get motivated before the work week begins. We compiled sure-fire methods.

How to Get Motivated Before the Clock Strikes Monday from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

About 7% of total workers are productive during working hours. So, here goes Monday, the day behind every moody meme joke; I’m sure you’ve read a bunch.

 I believe that Monday becomes such a messed up day because we spent the previous week and weekend in such a messed up way. I would term it as unpreparedness, but then again, it feels like disorganization.

There isn’t a human on planet Earth who hasn’t struggled with figuring out how to get motivated before the work week begins. We compiled surefire methods. 

1. Organize your Week

As every week begins, you have targets to achieve and work to complete, either at home, work, or school. How about you create a weekly organizing chart? List down everything you need to complete before the weekend, prioritize them, and then assign them a day of the week.

One thing about a timetable is that it makes everything seem very achievable. I mean, you just spread out 14 things to do in just seven days, making it only two tasks a day. Seriously, how is that not motivating?

Once you get your brain to appreciate achievability, digging into the work becomes more manageable. Learn to have confidence when at work as well. Feeling incapable drains your motivation. 

2. Split each Job into Doable Chunks

Your brain still needs the two duties a day to be made simpler for it to get excited about work! Well, go ahead and count your working hours, split each job into doable parts, and then assign each piece a certain amount of time.

The simpler the job appears, the higher the motivation to complete it, and the faster it’s done. Once you push yourself to finish the first chunk of work, your brain will get into work mode, and before you know it, you are done with the day and with your tasks!

3. How to Get Motivated with Breaks

Working an hour after another, when not motivated, becomes a hard task. Bulking each minute of your day with work is why you never complete – or sometimes even start – any job.

Give yourself in between breaks. Assign an hour for each piece of work and around a twenty-minute break after each hour. Don’t go overboard with the break; your brain will forget work and become lazy or excited about other non-productive things.

A maximum of 30 minutes for a short break is enough. During those 30 minutes, do something to propel your thinking and motivate you. You can decide to stay off-screen and chat with your colleagues, play a board game like Scrabble or solitaire, or play spider solitaire online, take a walk, or listen to music.

However, you need to have a timer that will prevent you from being carried away with your break. Set it two minutes before the actual time. This gives you exactly two minutes to get your mind back in the game until your next break.

Breaks are not mandatory. Sometimes your body gets so motivated that you feel like you can power through to a lunch break. In this case, carry on but try some multi-tasking to keep your brain from getting bored of monotony.

4. Don’t Exhaust Yourself

Sometimes, you may think that achieving everything in one day gives you a lead to the ’employee of the month’ race. Overworking yourself won’t increase energy or boost your health in any way. On the contrary, overworking yourself might bring migraines, back problems, eyesight issues, or even a stroke.

It drains out all your energy, and you may end up so fatigued that you need a whole day off. Now, what good does that do? If a job is not urgent and you’ve run out of time, pack up, head home, have a rest, and wake up energetic enough to complete other duties the following day.

Another thing about working when exhausted is that you become inefficient in your work. You end up completing much work, but all become low quality. Other times, you’ve done it so poorly that you’re requested to redo it!

5. Take Some CBD Oil

As life comes with its downsides, you may be suffering from anxiety due to work or personal struggles, making you demotivated for work. The best way to sort out such a situation is to get under treatment.

CBD oil is known to be one of the best treatments for anxiety, migraines, and depression, among other common conditions.  Prescription is given depending on different factors, the main one being your type of condition. Learn about the dosage if you’re interested in this relief treatment. 

6. Let Home be Home

It doesn’t matter if you own the business or not, avoid taking work home. Let home be for spending time with your family, eating, resting, watching TV, and sleeping. The only job you should do at home is house chores.

Many people have the habit of taking work home, mostly on Fridays. You end up spending your weekend working instead of resting and complaining of a moody Monday. Fun and rest are as important as your job!

Plan your house chores as you plan for your work duties! Piling up house chores means that one day of the week, you’ll be overwhelmed with housework and drain yourself trying to complete the tasks.

Guess what will happen after this? The negative energy you acquire from getting super exhausted extends to tomorrow, and that’s how you ruin your Monday.

Change your Monday Mood for Good

The ultimate tips on how to get motivated every Monday are changing your daily routine, keeping a positive mind, and making exciting plans each week that you can look forward to experiencing. Respect the weekend and go out, stay indoors and rest, attend a function, and do everything that is not work-related or exhausting.

Finally, sleep early on Sunday so that you can rise early the following morning. Mondays don’t always have to be moody; change that mentality and remember that starting a week with energy means ending a week successfully.

Explore more insights on adventures and activities you can take up to keep yourself motivated throughout.

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