How to Declutter with a Home Full of Kids

How to Declutter and clear the clutter with a Home Full of Kids from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

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Cleaning up clutter can be extra challenging when you have kids to account for. There always seems to be an endless stream of scattered toys, book piles to relocate, food scraps on the counter, and occasionally, crayon markings on the wall to wash out. In time, it becomes hard to keep up. How can you maintain order in the house when clutter just keeps coming?

Rounded up in this article are some tips to help you get around the dilemma of scheduling, planning, and prioritizing so you can finally get tasks done.

Ask Yourself Which Items You Really Use

Before you can jump into the decluttering process, it’s helpful to track which items in the household you actually use. This includes clothes, video games, toys, kitchenware, decor, etc. 

It’s an unconscious habit for most people to stock on things they don’t love or think they may need someday. These things take up space in your home, which otherwise can be opened up for more important items or as your kids’ extra play space.

If the item does not serve an active purpose in your everyday living, it’s best to get rid of it.

Start Small

Who says decluttering needs to be a onetime, big-time project? The biggest feats start by taking small steps. If you can’t designate a whole day to do all the cleaning needed, start with the small tasks you can manage.

This is good advice especially if you have a small baby. Because a lot of your attention goes to their care, you can’t possibly do everything at once, so start small. You can start organizing family photos or categorize items based on how you plan to dispose of them.

Time Yourself

There’s nothing like running a timer to make you zoom to focus on any task at hand. Dedicate even just five minutes a day tending to declutter tasks. By having a timer on, you will be more conscious of getting plenty of the easier jobs done. Do this for consecutive days, and you will notice your home taking back its immaculateness in no time.

Systemize Your Sorting

How do you intend to deal with each item you pick up from the floor? Perhaps you want to donate some items your kids have grown out of? Maybe you have a recycling project in mind for some of those empty bottles and canisters? Do you think it’s time to get rid of some of your old household items?

Whatever you decide to do, the work will be done faster if you create a sorting system. For example, you can designate a box for tossing, a box for recycling, and a box for relocating or for storing.

This way, you can decide what happens to each item quickly, and you can deal with each box later.

Shelf It Up

Take advantage of extra shelf space to store items that you’re now keeping on the floor. Shelves offer an easy way for kids to access and return their favorite toys while keeping the important items out of their reach.

Shelves are also easy to install, and you can maximize their full use. Shelves are also excellent storing options if you want to free up some floor space.

Sell, Donate, or Recycle

It’s easy to just throw whatever clutter you don’t find useful to the garage or attic. If you want to go the practical route, selling, donating, or recycling is a much better option than hoarding items you probably won’t use anyway.

Contact your local community organizations to donate old clothing and toys. If you want to make extra money out of your old stocks, sell them online. It’s never been easier to get a few bucks from selling your artwork, kitchenware, old video games, and other personal effects. If you’re feeling crafty, find a recycling project that will reuse your old items, and perhaps get them back into the household or sell them too!

This way, it’s a win-win situation.

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