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Summer Style Guide from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When the warmer months hit, the promise of picnics and the beach have us wanting to shed the layers and enjoy the sun. But for many moms, personal style is lost in the wake of hectic lives and changing bodies. Sometimes it’s difficult to get out and shop or find clothing to suit unique needs. Fortunately, online boutiques are an excellent solution to these problems. Modvisor is the place to read reviews while finding brands and stores that fit your style. Piper and Scoot, for instance, has contemporary clothing with looks that flow as you do. If you look at the Piper and Scoot reviews page, it can give you a quick look at the boutique and pinpoint some of its unique offerings. 

Creating a perfect look for summer involves the right outfit, accessories, and toning down the makeup. But what’s the perfect outfit? Are you the type of girl who lives in shorts and flip-flops all summer? Or do you go straight for the sundresses? Check out this simple style guide to create a summer look that suits you.


This activewear-inspired look creates a mood that’s informal and fresh. Choose items with elements like horizontal stripes, mesh fabric or jersey numbers. Opt for a tank dress rather than a classic sundress and clean white sneakers instead of sandals. Stick to clean fitted silhouettes without lace or frills. Mix sporty pieces with basics such as jean shorts or t-shirts to avoid looking like you just came from the field.


The goal of this style is to create a look that’s airy and feminine. Choose lightweight fabrics in gentle colors such as ivory. Sundresses with sandals are perfect for this look. Add lace and ruffles anywhere you can. Let your hair flow free, or try a half-up with a ribbon. Go for sun hats, flouncy blouses with shorts, and breezy skirts. Stay away from bold colors and prints to avoid looking childish. And you can find some really romantic styles on Shein and it is even better you can find a SheIn coupon to use.


Creating a boho look on a budget is easy. Mix textures and patterns. Get beachy hair by misting your tresses with salt spray. Oversized hats, embellished sandals, and frayed shorts make this look perfect for summer. Try incorporating flowy kimonos and slouchy beach cover-ups or maxi dresses. Wear a bunch of jewelry at once. Anything that feels worn-in and has a vintage vibe works well here.


A true chic look is smart, elegant, and sexy. To pull this look off, wear pieces that are streamlined and pared down. White skinny jeans with an airy button up and a simple gold chain look really sharp. Keep the color palette neutral. If you’re afraid of white, don’t just reach for black. Keep it summery and try other shades such as camel, taupe, or coffee. Choosing a shade close to your skin tone creates a very sexy look. A pair of linen pants, a well-made t-shirt, and a Panama hat is effortlessly chic. Swap heels out for slinky sandals that show off the feet or nude loafers.


A retro look is easy to achieve on a budget as the best pieces are secondhand. Anything that looks like it’s from the 1990s or before can be retro. Pair old silk blouses with cut off mom jeans. Give it a 50s touch with a headscarf. Vintage-inspired graphic tees and large disco era sunglasses are great for this look. A pair of old school sneakers, espadrilles, or ballet flats are excellent footwear options.


Casual fashion is personified by a comfortable almost boyish style. Avoid clothing that’s busy or tight. Plain t-shirts, loose button-ups, and simple shirtdresses are perfect for this style. Wear your hair natural or comb it into a loose ponytail. This look is about letting your confident relaxed self shine through. Stick with minimal jewelry, simple bags, and basic unadorned sandals.

Cultivating your personal style is a fun way to reconnect with yourself. While dressing to a theme is fun and helps narrow your choices, what matters most is how you feel. The New York Times agrees that the best way to feel your best this summer is to take care of you. At the end of the day, summer is all about being chill and soaking up the sun. So no matter what you wear, make sure you take the time to relax and have fun.

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