Finding the Ideal Jeans for the Ideal Body Type

Finding the Ideal Jeans for the Ideal Body Type from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It is obvious that you have found the perfect collection of jeans, when their cuts, shapes, fits, sizes, and fabrics meet your requirement. However, embarking on such journeys can be overwhelming for any individual. In this guide, we have everything you need on determining the right shape and size for your ideal jeans.

One thing you will come to appreciate about the fashion world is dynamism. Trends come every now and then; hence, your one-time iconic fashion statement may be an eyesore in the nearest future.  However, with denim, you don’t have to jump on board the momentary rise and fall of fashion trends, as it is personal and tailored to meet your preference.

Body Shape – How Does It Affect My Jean

Your physique plays an important role in selecting the right pair of jeans. A pair of denim jeans that look awesome on one person, make them look not-too-great on another individual. Unfortunately, most women are not only unaware of their sizes, but their shape as well. Your denim is one material that looks better over time. Hence, ensure to thoroughly check the material you intend to purchase. Above all, your comfortable holds a major priority. If your jean has strains at the leg area, then it shows that it is too tight for you.

As we grow, our body changes; this means that not all clothes will look great on you in your 30s, as compared to your 20s. Depending on the phase you are in, a good pair of jeans may not come easy. However, you don’t have to scout around for a very long time. There are specialists that give professional advice on the type of denim to rock. However, the easy and most-reliable trick to this is getting a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly.

Tips To Consider When Selecting A Pair Of Jeans

The following tips will help you choose the ideal jeans for your body requirements.

Your pair of jeans should comfortably rest around your waist. If your hands fit through the extra space between your jeans and your waist, then the denim is too loose. On the other hand, if one or none of your fingers fit, then it is tight and would need a replacement or re-adjustment. The leg of your jeans should stretch. If there is excess legroom in your jeans, consider opting for the next smaller size option. Remember, high-quality jeans stretch. A curve waistband jeans with a slightly raised back is another option worth considering.


Finding the ideal denim to match your fashion and style can be dicey; however, one thing that comes first in selecting a pair of jeans is comfort – how well they accommodate your physique without gripping you too hard. Ideally, your jeans should have a considerable amount of stretch; this makes it easier for the fabric to mold with your body and also highlight certain areas, including your hips and thighs. Ensure that you experiment with various sizes, as you may get a pair of denim that complements your body best.

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