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As most of you know, my daughters have already started back to school. The oldest one started last week but the other two started the first week of August. Me, I start back Monday teaching so with that said it has been a very busy time around my house. We always seemed to be so unprepared to start back but this year things have been last stressful. I don’t know if it is because of the different start times or the fact that we did not seem to have to buy much school supplies this year but things have been calmer around here. Or maybe it is a sign we are all growing up Mom included LOL.

Did you know that each year, 1 million students fail to graduate? How sad is that? It is also very scary and what makes it even scary is that number seems to be increasing each year. That is why it is important to support youth today. During this time of year, Boys and Girls Club of America (BCGA) has partnered once again Disney to launch an online school supply drive. How cool is that? But wait I haven’t told you the coolest part yet? When you think of a drive you think you have to donate money or goods, or do you think of something else like answering quizzes. NO!! Well it should, this drive is so easy you can get the whole family involved. All you have to is play a pop-quiz style game. For every five correct answers, a donation of supplies will be made!! How cool is that?? You can donate supplies for a child who may not be able to afford them while getting you and your child mentally prepared to head back to school. I so love this idea. Please consider playing this game. For more information please check it out.

Did you also know that the BGCA is also a great source for parents to help educate their children as they are heading back to school? I really liked the tips about time management. I found some that I could use as well. So if you are preparing to head back to school check out the BCGA website.


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  1. I am heading over to BCGA after this comment. I am interested to see what I can learn to help with school and life in general. Smiles. It must be very hard to raise three girls. My mom had seven, I don’t know how she did it.

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