Should a Pregnant Woman Visit the Oncologist?

Oncology and the need to see a medical oncologist is a scary thought. Especially during pregnancy when your body is literally carrying another life. The choice to visit your specialist for a check-up (and additional doctors such as an oncologist) is one that should be a no-brainer for expecting moms. Yet the fear of a positive result often leads new moms to steer clear of these types of medical checks.

Seeing your doctor in order to ensure that you are in good health is a crucial part of the pregnancy and the postpartum period that comes after, and this includes a visit to an oncologist to screen for potentially cancerous cells within your body, too. Oncology is just as important when you’re pregnant as picking the right pump, bra, and straps to provide comfort.

Rely on your doctors for essential pregnancy services

Should a Pregnant Woman Visit the Oncologist from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

In 2019 there were 3.7 million births in the United States. Every year, doctors have the monumental task of caring for many millions of pregnant, expecting moms through their nine months of carrying a child in order to deliver a healthy and happy new baby. The long process is often painful, rewarding, uncomfortable, and scary all at the same time for moms. Your doctor will be there for you every step of the way as a consultant, confidant, and support with treatment options, medicine, and anything else you might need as you prepare to become a mom for the first time or again.

Medical assessments provided by your doctors range from physical checks to mental health assistance. The pregnancy period can be incredibly stressful and this can lead to a variety of symptoms or complications that you and your healthcare team (full of experienced nurses and M.D.’s) will want to stay well ahead of.

For instance, women with asthma will need a continuous supply of meterol inhaler refills in order to prevent any loss in their breathing capacity. This is something you should speak with your doctor about in order to head off any potential issues down the road. He or she will be happy to provide you with a longer-term prescription if necessary, but your doctor doesn’t know what you need if you aren’t communicating. Treatment options are only suggestions by an M.D. that knows your symptoms and needs.

The threat of asthma complications has become far more important since the Covid-19 virus. Staying safe and maintaining your health and breathing capabilities is one key to the successful delivery of your child. This means that speaking with your doctor about separation from other patients in the hospital that may have Covid-19 is also a crucial conversation to have as you prepare for the fast-approaching due date.

Pregnant women need to discuss the coming months with their doctors

Should a Pregnant Woman Visit the Oncologist from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

In the months ahead, your life will change dramatically. The nine months of pregnancy can seem endless, but the weeks and months that will follow will tax you relentlessly. Your child is a complete gift and will change your life for the better, but this doesn’t mean that you will love getting up at 4 am to calm them back to sleep.

Adding in new equipment will also provide a unique learning curve for you and your partner. A pumping and nursing bra will become one of your best friends in the first months after your baby’s birth. These bras are specifically designed to help provide you with the comfort and support that you will need during the nursing period. Chest, bra, and boob discomfort is a standard issue for many women in the postpartum phase, and a bra specifically designed for this need is a must-have as you navigate the reality of new motherhood as a new mom.

A hands-free solution for new moms that helps quickly reduce discomfort and also feeds your newborn will quickly take its place as a go-to lifesaver that gives you back precious time and energy as a new member of a cadre of parental caregivers that lack proper sleep!

Speak with specialists to understand any potential health risks

Should a Pregnant Woman Visit the Oncologist from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

All this brings us to the need to schedule a visit with an oncologist. As you prepare for motherhood, you will need to identify any potential issues that you and your partner face in the future. This includes the threat of a sudden loss, leaving one parent alone to care for the child you will be bringing into this world. Oncology can be a scary word for many people since there were an estimated 600,000 deaths due to cancer diagnoses in 2020, and nearly two million new cases.

Cancer is a terrifying thing, and nearly every family in the United States has been affected by this terrible disease. Understanding your risks here is something that every parent must face, no matter how scary the thought might be. When you become a parent, your life takes on a new meaning and a new role. A quick search of “Top oncologist near me” can give you the information in order to book an appointment with a specialist and get the answers you need quickly.

You are responsible for the care and wellbeing of another human life beyond your own, and the knowledge of a cancer threat is something that can be of immense assistance in planning for this child’s future — a future that sadly may be beyond you.

But death is a natural part of life. Many thousands of American lives are lost in car accidents every year, and heart disease claims more lives than cancer in the United States. So, approaching this new phase of life armed with the knowledge you need in all aspects of healthcare and living is the only way forward for you and your baby that you will soon welcome into your life.

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