6 Ways To Prepare for Pregnancy When You’re Over 35

6 Ways To Prepare for Pregnancy When You're Over 35 from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Conceiving after 35 used to be taboo, but women are getting married later and waiting longer to start their families than ever before. Often, the same woman who would have reached for the emergency contraception now find themselves desperate to conceive a child. Just because it may take a little longer to get pregnant doesn’t mean it isn’t possible as many women go on to have healthy babies later in life. If you want the best chance of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby, you can start now with these six ways to prepare for your body for pregnancy.

Visit Your Doctor

The first place to begin is at your doctor’s office for a physical and some advice. Your health provider should be able to tell you if there are any matters that need to be addressed first and help you decide on a course of action to clear up any lingering conditions that may impact your fertility. Some women consult a fertility doctor as well, but you won’t know if you have trouble conceiving until you’ve tried for a time.

Eat Right

Diet can impact many facets of your health, including fertility. Experts recommend limiting processed foods and following a healthy eating plan like the Mediterranean diet. Eating right is always a positive step towards a healthy lifestyle, but it becomes especially important during pregnancy and after delivery for older women.

Take Your Vitamins

Begin taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you’ve decided to start trying. It’s a great habit to develop but will also give your body time to build up the right amount of nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy. As women age, their bodies are not as efficient at absorbing and holding onto essential vitamins, but taking a daily prenatal vitamin will provide benefits for you and your future baby. Women’s prenatal vitamin not only helps in protecting the baby’s brain and spine but also support moms’ postpartum recovery. 

Quit Smoking

By now, most people understand that smoking is an unhealthy habit. However, the harm is compounded when you’re pregnant as the baby can also suffer the ill effects of tobacco use. Since age and pregnancy already increase the risk of complications like blood clots, eliminating tobacco is especially important as it can be a lethal combination. While it may be hard to kick that habit when you’re just worried about yourself, begin thinking about your pregnancy and the baby you will carry as motivation to quit now.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol use during pregnancy can cause serious complications and birth defects. While you’re trying to conceive, it’s a good idea to kick the habit altogether since many women don’t know they’re pregnant until after their missed period. Alcohol use can also adversely impact blood pressure and blood sugar, both of which become more concerning as women age.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Pregnancy and delivery will go more smoothly if you’re already at a healthy weight. You’ll also reap the benefits of improved health for yourself as you age, putting less stress on your joints and feet. Delivery is also less complicated and easier to heal for women who start at a healthy weight.

Becoming a mom at any age is both a gift and a challenge. Do your best to be ready for it all by getting yourself healthy before conceiving.

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