Saving Memories the Modern Way: Top Gadgets, Apps, and Websites for Capturing Your Child’s Important Moments


When your baby is brought home for the first time, capturing this joyous moment is one of the greatest pleasures of life. This is especially true for new parents. So if you’re one of those new parents, it’s a natural expression of your affection to your little one to record and document even the first smile of your baby. Whether it’s the first word uttered by the baby or the first step taken, they’re unlimited memories to be documented. So why not share the regular updates of this newest addition to your family?

Though you can share your baby’s photos on Facebook by capturing the same picture from eight different angles, it’s always better to differentiate your clicking style. Yes, even for recording your baby’s life! That’s why there are so many ways to capture the best moments of your baby’s achievements and milestones that are easier, more organized, more secure, and more interesting.

Below are the top gadgets, websites, and apps to capture your child’s special moments.


Because it’s so handy, your phone is the most convenient gadget to take your child’s videos and photos. To make it as professional as you can, you always have the option to tweak your photos with editing apps.

Tip: While taking a photo, don’t use the zoom feature. Instead, move closer to your child and take the photo while ensuring that you’ve kept your elbows firm against the body so that you can hold still.


A newborn turns into a speedy toddler before you even realize it. Therefore, it’s wise to look for a high-quality camera that provides quick shutter speed. Besides this, always keep camera battery rechargers by your side so that any battery issues don’t interfere when your child is achieving a new milestone. With a fully charged camera, you’re always ready to capture even your toddler’s most unexpected actions!

Tip: Baby photos look best when the flash is turned off. So when there’s natural light, just avail it. You’ll see the difference yourself.

Baby Books

Just like the printed baby photo records that used to be a hit trend in your parents’ era, digital baby records are specifically designed to record your baby’s growth so that you can share these with your loved ones. Interestingly, there are a lot of apps for this. These include >MomentGarden, Tweekaboo, Intoloop, Lifecask, TinyBeans, and Bambio . Some even have the option to record the sounds that suit your baby’s photos the most.

Tip: Though you have all your photos in these digital photo journals, it’s essential to know if you can have a backup of all these memories in your own computer. You can also find out if there are more ways to preserve these memories in case any of the apps suddenly shuts down.

Home Movies

If video clips and voice recording are your things, and you want to blend your baby’s still photos with video clips creatively, then go for video-making apps. Some quality home-movie apps include iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, PicPlayPost, and Magisto.

Tip: For easy and quick backups, you can save your movies to an external hard drive. So when the guests come in, you can share your baby’s cute moments by connecting it to your computer. However, if you also want to save all memories online, you can choose popular online storage services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google+, and iCloud.

Online Family Album

User-friendly websites have now made it possible to put together digital photo albums. Some of these top websites and apps include Shutterfly, Snapfish, Blurb, MyPublisher, and others.

Tip: You can make a unique memory book by creating stunning collage posters of your child. Just upload the best images of your child on Shutterfly, and choose your favorite option. To make your child’s photos more customized, you can also resize and move photos anywhere. Give it a personalized touch by selecting new layouts, backgrounds, and embellishments.

The Bottom Line

Nothing beats the pleasure of seeing your baby opening their eyes for the first time, looking into your eyes, and passing the very first smile. You’ll even love to capture their first grimace while tasting those mashed peas and you’ll definitely wish to cherish such sweet moments for years to come! Thanks to the modern ways of saving memories, all you need to have is a camera, a battery recharger, and a few apps or websites to capture memories in ways your parents couldn’t even imagine about.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]John Stowe is an amateur photographer based in Leeds UK. He got the digital photography bug back in the early 2000’s and has since had many different models of cameras. He loves to share his ideas and thoughts online for others to read.[/info_box]

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