Royal Wedding: My Take

I thought that I would chime in on my thoughts on the royal wedding. First and foremost I loved Kate’s dress.I thought it was a timeless classic. There are so many brides today who choose what is the latest fad or style only to have it obsolete in a year or two. I believe that this style will be around forever. It was an elegant dress that was befitting for a future monarch.
That said let me now reflect on the union of these two. I believe the fact they have known each other for so long before marriage gives them a fighting chance for their marriage to last. I believe nowadays there are too many people jumping into marriage only to realize they did not know the other person they married. I think Prince William learned from his parents’ mistake and decided that when he married – he was going to marry not only someone he was in love with but also the one who he could see as his equal. He did not go for just someone who would look good on his arm. I believe this marriage will be one of the great love stories. This marriage will help the British Monarchy regain some of the grace and elegance that disappeared when Diana died. I hope the happy couple will have a long loving and happy life together. Isn’t that all anyone can ask for?

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