Retro Look: Spending A Little Time Down Home

This article first appeared on March 4, 2012. But I thought sense I was doing the Leap of Faith Series that this lady certainly qualifies to be included. I hope long time followers of the blog enjoy reading her story and current followers spend some time Down Home with Cindi.


Recently I had a chance to sit down and chat with a mom I greatly admire. About 5 years ago she took a big leap by quitting her government job to start up her own magazine so she can stay home with her children. She has 4 (1 girl and 3 boys). They are ages 23,16,12 and 9. How about that as a leap of faith??

Cindi Pate is now in her 5th year of publishing her magazine Down Home Magazine. This magazine started out as a free events magazine but has gone above and beyond that. Cindi not only highlights local events in surrounding counties but also has recipes, informative articles (that can be used by anyone not just the locals) in addition to the local events. Her magazine is a masterpiece to say the least. It looks like it belongs on the shelf with Southern Living or Martha Stewart.

Since beginning her magazine 5 years ago it has grown to be 4 xs bigger than when it started. Cindi does 85% of each issue from the writing to the designing to the photography. She does have a 2 other people that help her from time to time with the magazine. One of these contributors also writes for Our State Magazine ( a magazine dedicated to featuring the state of North Carolina.) The amazing thing about this magazine besides how beautiful it is, is the price. The magazine is absolutely free the revenue from the advertising sales allow for the printing and the little extras for her family.

When Pate first started Down Home Magazine, the first issue dealt with the county fair and was about 18 -20 pages long. Distribution was 2000 copies and it was a very simple magazine as Cindi states. She started the magazine in September and by the following June she won the Wayne County Business of the Year. Now the magazine runs about 40 pages an issue. It is published on a bimonthly basis. One of her favorite articles deals with the crew at Lizard Lick Towing. Cindi is amazed how quickly her magazine has grown but she knows that it all has be driven by the hand of God.


What amazes me about this local country girl is how humble she is? Here I was interviewing her for my blog and telling her how much I admired her and she said what about you? You are “The Frugal Mom”. For someone who I admire to say that means a lot to me. She has even had readers calling her looking for places to take their family.

Oh and did mention she does all this while homeschooling her two younger boys who are 4th and 6th grade. She looks at her magazine and the interviews she does as a way to enhance her children’s education. She also loves photography (which is a skill she uses a lot of in her magazine), cooking, canning, crafting and gardening. She loves to write but doesn’t like to read. She says that is why her stories are so short in her magazine. Simply stated she is a True Southern Girl

If you get a chance check out her website Down Home Magazine and on Facebook You will not be disappointed.

This is one amazing lady who I want to be like when I grow up.

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