Reasons My Toilet Could Be Leaking

Reasons My Toilet Could Be Leaking from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Leaking toilets can wreak havoc, so what is the reason your toilet could be leaking and what should you do about it?

Of course, if you notice a severe leak, call a plumber in Phoenix, AZ right away to fix the issue before it becomes more costly and cause more damage. 

Leaks can happen internally or externally and not only can cause water damage, but also a high water bill.

  1. Condensation – First, make sure it is in fact a leak, as it could just be water condensation on the bowl. Especially if you notice it during a humid day or right after a shower, if there is only a small amount of water, it is probably condensation and isn’t something to worry about.
  2. Cracks – There could be a crack on your tank or in your bowl. It usually starts as a small hairline fracture. If it isn’t attended to, then it will end up growing and eventually cause a leak.
  3. Rusted Pipes – Pipes that lead to the toilet can rust over time, which can lead to a crack and allow water to leak through.
  4. Seal at the Base – If the seal at the base is worn out or loose, it could cause a leak leading to a puddle around the base. Worn out parts around the base can also cause this leak. 
  5. Loose Parts – If any parts are loose around the bowl or tank, then there could be a leak. Always make sure the parts and connectors are tight and not broken.
  6. Flush Valve – An internal leak could be caused when there is an issue with the flush valve assembly, which will cause water to enter and overflow the tank. This is usually what is going on when your toilet is constantly running or making a dripping noise. 
  7. Flapper – If the flapper is worn out, then this will allow water to go into the tank and overflow. 

Preventative maintenance can always help you catch leaks or issues with your toilet that could be leaking sooner rather than later, but when there is an emergency and you are unable to fix it yourself, call the trusted plumbers at Rainforest Plumbing and Air.

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