How To Quickly And Easily Keep Your Home Spotlessly Clean

How To Quickly And Easily Keep Your Home Spotlessly Clean  from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you don’t do housekeeping as often as you feel you should keep it looking spotless, it’s because you’re short on time and feel overwhelmed with how much work needs to get done. Not even the best vacuum cleaner can keep things in order for the full calendar year. 

As a result, you fall further and further behind. It gets to a point where you finally put everything else aside and get down to an exhaustive, all-out big cleaning job. After you view your work with a deep sigh of satisfaction, you vow never to let things get out of control again.

Still, despite your good intentions, your hectic life gets in the way of staying true to your word.

Is there a better way to clean your home to get it spotless—other than these massive outbreaks of effort or other than resorting to outsourcing the whole thing to a cleaning service?

Here are four cleaning hacks and tips to help you keep your house neat, clean, and organized relatively quickly and easily:

Tip #1: Cleaning the kitchen 

If you drink coffee and love to drink good coffee, then you probably have an espresso machine. If it isn’t as clean as you’d like, then it’s useful to learn about backflushing espresso machine techniques.

By backflushing, you will clean your machine’s show screen, as well as clean out the brew group and the 3-way valve. You will effectively remove all the coffee oils and residues that have given your coffee a funky taste. Your machine will also work better because you will prevent your gourmet coffee from accumulating on the shower screen. This build-up, as you can imagine, will eventually plug it up.

After you have tackled your espresso machine, get a large tub and empty out the refrigerator’s contents into it. You can now wipe down all the spills and stains on the shelves before putting everything back neatly.

Next, remove all clutter. These might be dishes still in the sink; random knives, forks, and spoons on counters; and packets of food that never made it into the counters. Simply put everything into its proper place: dirty dishes in the dishwasher, cutlery in your cutlery drawer, and stuff left out back into the closet.

Finally, wipe down all surfaces.

Tip #2: Develop a basic cleaning methodology

Now that you’ve got the kitchen under control, develop a similar systematic process, or methodology, for cleaning every room in the house.

For example, in the bedroom, the messiest spot might be the bed that has not been made or the clothes on the carpet. Whatever the major issue is in the bedroom, tackle it first. Then use the basket to gather up everything lying around. Next, use a wet cloth to wipe down surfaces, or a vacuum to get the carpets, or a mop to do floors.

The same process works in the bathroom. Spot the messiest place and clean it up. Then use your large basket to remove clutter. After you clean surfaces, put things away.

Using this methodical approach, you can tackle one room at a time. By methodically decluttering, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and putting things away, your house will be clean in half the time it usually takes you.

Tip #3: Managing Housekeeping Time 

Since you are a busy person, you will not have time to go through the whole house every time you clean. So, break down your housekeeping schedule into a section-by-section approach. Saturday might be the kitchen. Sunday might be the bedrooms and bathrooms. Wednesday might be the living room and dining room.

Step #4: Use Effective Cleaning Tools

Your cleaning will go much quicker if you have some good tools. For example, trying to work with a vacuum that barely sucks up any lint will force you to go over the same spots over and over again. So, do yourself a favor and buy a mop and a vacuum cleaner that work effectively, buy a good lineup of eco-friendly cleaning products, get a big basket for quick decluttering, and collect a stack of cleaning rags.

In closing, here is an example of a cleaning methodology that you might find useful:

  1. Tackle the biggest mess in the room.
  2. Use a big container, a basket or bin, to throw things in.
  3. Take advantage of the open space to wipe down surfaces, scrub away spots, mop, or vacuum.
  4. Put things back in an orderly way, returning them to where they belong.

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