Quick Gracie Update

Well spent most of the day at the eye doctor with Gracie getting tests run to try and see what  is causing all the problems when we were at her pediatrician for a follow up from when she was in the hospital she was complaining of headaches for a while. The Dr thought something was odd and decided to send her to a few  referrals to rule out a few things. In her examination he noticed that her optic nerve looked strange so that is why we went to the eye doctor today. After spending most of the day there I am pleased to announce that there is nothing wrong with her optic nerve.  So know that is ruled out on to some more tests and more doctors. We go back to her pediatrician in 2 weeks unless we need him sooner. At this point not sure what is causing the fatigue and headaches but I am confident they will find out soon. Here is hoping that everyone in your family is well.

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  1. Bless her heart…I completely know how she feels. I've had headaches for as long as I can remember. I even had a doctor ask me when I was 26 and my mom was at the doctor with me how long I'd had them. I just looked at my mom and she said about 24 years….haha…I'll be keeping her in my prayers!

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