Always thought I was touched but after the weekend I have had- I realized I was not touched enough. This past weekend I attended the Women of Faith Conference in Charlotte, NC. For me to attend was a small miracle in itself. You know from an earlier post that there were some hard financial issues I was dealing with and I never could afford to splurge on the tickets. Some time back I don’t remember when I was sent an email through Booksneeze asking bloggers if they wanted to apply to attend a conference near their hometown. I of course applied because as I have stated before this blog has opened me to experience new opportunities. Imagine my surprise when I received the tickets in the mail. To be honest with you, I quite forgot about applying to attend the conference. I quickly took to the Internet to look it you – what would we be without the Internet right? I quickly began to realize where the tickets came from and I was ecstatic. In the days to follow, I am going to write about the wonderful speakers at the conference. I could write about them in one post but they all deserve their own post they were that wonderful So stay tuned to hear about hearing Sheila Walsh, Lisa Harper, Luci Swindoll, Dr. Henry Cloud, Karen Kingsbury, Ken Davis, Nicole Johnson, Natalie Grant and Mary Mary. I am also going to telling about what a wonderful experience I had with the hospitable city of Charlotte, NC. Look for upcoming post highlighting this amazing weekend. The only problem I found with this weekend is that it ended.
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