Oh Yes It Was Ladies Night at #Title Boxing Cary

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AFM ladies night


As many of you may know my family and I have embarked on a journey to get into shape. With that in mind, we were offered an opportunity to work out at a gym that is not your typical gym.

First, the atmosphere is awesome. The employees there are just so friendly and crazy as well. They make working out fun. Even though it is almost an hour drive to the gym from my home it is worth it to me. The little town that I live in does not offer a gym like that. Title Boxing Cary is a one of a kind place. With that said, a week ago last Friday they hosted a Ladies Night. If you are not familiar with Title, it is a workout like no other. The first class or shot as they like to call it is free. They even provide you with gloves for your first class. The class is divided into three parts: a 15 minute warm up, (8) 3 minute rounds where you are hitting the bag and a 15 minute cool down where you work on your abs. There are clocks (timers) posted all around the gym. I love that because for me that is a motivator. I find that if I can get through half of the class than I can make it through the rest and it gets easier as I go.

With that Friday being Ladies Night, members were encouraged to bring friends to work out. I got on Facebook and started tagging people. I told them to tag people if they wanted to go. My friend Tanisha started tagging – we ended up with six extra people going with Maddie, my oldest and myself. The drive up to Cary was horrible- it reminded me why I hate driving at night and in traffic. We got caught in a traffic jam because there was an accident up ahead. I called to let Meredith, the assistant manager, know that we would be there but we were stuck in traffic. We finally got there arriving about 10 minutes into the class, so we missed part of the warm up. Once we got all our gear on – gloves and hand wraps- we were ready to go. Of course, wouldn’t you know it that was when I had to use the bathroom LOL.

The class was awesome. This was the first time that I had taken a class were there were two trainers involved. Nate( who you might remember from the first class we took) and Blake ( I have yet to take a class with him- but I am looking forward to it) were awesome. The ladies that came with me had a blast. Just look at the pictures.

AFm title ladies 1


Here my oldest daughter is hitting the bag hard.

Afm Ladies night 3

My friend Tanisha hitting the bag with a smile.

AFM ladies 5

And finally I get to workout a little with Nate.

AFM Ladies night 2


After the class, everyone headed over to Bella Mia for ½ price appetizers. The employees from Title even came to hang out. How many people can say that they hang out with their trainers. I learned that they are as crazy and nice as they are in class.

If you are looking for an awesome workout and you live in the Raleigh/Cary area then checkout Title Boxing Club Cary.They are having HUGE Black Friday specials on memberships, personal training, and retail!  You don’t want to miss these deals!If you do not live in the area check and see if there is a franchise near you because I promise you that this is one workout that you will leave wanting to come back and do it again.

Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. Remember your first shot AKA class is FREE!!!!


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