Midweek Moment: Blue Lights, Mascara, & No Mercy

midweekI could see him from my rear view mirror and began to laugh as I looked over to my mother in law and boastfully exclaimed, “Wow, I’ve NEVER had a ticket, but he has got him one. Pour soul, someone is about to have a bad day”! About the time the words slipped from my mouth, I could hear the siren even louder and after traveling a short distance it was obvious he was getting real close to MY bumper.  Could he, would he,was it possible he would be pulling over sweet little innocent old me?

In all honesty, I have been stopped by a cop a couple of times. I have been known to rush to an event, always fifteen minutes late which leads to a huge inflammation and swelling in my lead foot and my, “I’ve got this covered attitude”, lands me in HOT water! I cannot tell a lie, in the past when I was stopped I immediately broke down in tears, started to cry and even shouted out, “Please don’t give me a ticket my husband will kill me.”  I even had the trooper shaking his head. “Mam’   calm down, please stop crying, slow down and this time I am going to issue you a warning, but the next time”…….. Thank God for mercy!!

A few weeks ago on this particular occasion, I was rushing to meet our ministry partners for a photo shoot for our website. As the trooper approached my window you can bet your bottom dollar the first thought that came to my mind was NOT if he was going to give me a ticket but my fleshly vain side started speaking to me, “Girlfriend don’t you even go there with those tears, did you remember your mascara is not waterproof, do you want to have puffy, black & white raccoon eyes for those pictures?” I found myself in a dilemma. Cry my way out or mess up my makeup. I am sure this has to be sinful but I did a little talking and frowning but my vanity gave in and that officer showed absolutely no mercy and well just being candid I shamefully have joined the circle of law breakers and have a ticket to show for it!

You know I am reminded in the bible of the story of Blind Bartimeus , who was setting by the road crying out loud, begging & pleading for the Jesus to have mercy on him. He so badly wanted his sight.  Here was someone who needed to have kindness and compassion shown to him. Jesus stood still and commanded him to be called. I can imagine the crowd was not at all expecting Jesus to stop and talk to a lowly beggar, but Jesus healed him and said “Go on your way your faith has made you well.”  Well glory!!  Isn’t it great to be shown mercy when you least expect it?

Can I be candid. There are days when I stick my foot in my mouth or spew out words from my lips when things are not going my way, & I have to ask my husband for mercy and forgiveness. There have been times in my past when I was victim of gossip or bitter spoken words and in return I have had to extend  that same mercy to those who have offended me. Friend nowhere do we imitate God more than when we show mercy to someone.  I love how God forgives all our sins, releases us from all our debt, frees us from our guilt and the bondage of our sin. He doesn’t hold that offense over my head.  Justice demanded that I should die, but Jesus had mercy & said oh no, I’ve already paid the price.  It is such an amazing act of grace and it should fill us with gratitude and mercy towards others.


“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”


Beverly Weeks is part of a marriage ministry that will rock your socks off. Not only is she talented, but she is the probably the most genuine person I have ever met. She has agreed to write a post for me every week for the sole purpose of encouragement. I love her writing and I am just glad she is going to be a regular on this blog. To find out more about her check out her wonderful site, Intentionally Yours.

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