New Careers for Single Mothers

New Careers for Single Mothers from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Mothers are the backbone of a family—especially when they have to do it all on their own. From managing the home’s daily happenings to raising children into adulthood, their schedules are as packed as any full-time employee and then some. But in the interest of their children, these mothers further devote themselves to their education and the workforce to supply their children with a good life. Fortunately, there are various new, lucrative careers for single mothers.

Nanny or Childcare Worker

Since stay-at-home mothers have already proven they have what it takes to care for children, it’s common to see them further pursue this passion in the childcare industry. Best of all, childcare work is very flexible and can fit into any busy schedule. With a few early childhood development classes and their first-hand experience to back them up, this field is the perfect fit.

Nurse or Nurse’s Aid

Though it might be a bit intimidating to start, the healthcare field offers several benefits and advantages for mothers just getting back into the workforce. There are even various professions to choose from including medical assistants, nurses, or even doctors if you could commit to the schooling. These jobs are also in high demand, meaning that the pay is good and job security is solid.

Freelance Professional

If flexibility is something you need with your hectic schedule, then consider a career in freelance. These jobs offer a versatile range of options to fit with many different skillsets, making it the best choice for those who want to pursue a creative field. By outsourcing your skills in writing, web development, or even graphic design, you can put food on the table while working in a diverse industry.

Beauty Technician

The beauty industry is also always looking for individuals with a knack for the craft. Whether you’re interested in styling hair or doing makeup, there are a series of options to choose from. However, if you wish to go beyond the standard beauty treatments, consider getting specialized training. For instance, eyelash artists need to undergo eyelash extension training in addition to their cosmetology experience in order to be certified to practice—if you’re up for the training, it’s a great field to pursue.

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