Money-Saving Hacks on the Web

Money-Saving Hacks on the Web from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It matters not what career path you are on, or how much you earn, we are all looking for ways to reduce our living costs and the World Wide Web can be of great help in this endeavor. As you probably know, there isn’t much that you can’t buy online; from an African Elephant to a Sherman Tank and everything in between, but that isn’t the only thing the Internet is good for.

Here are some of the ways that you can save money on the World Wide Web:

  • Comparing Prices – Google is the ultimate shopping assistant and with the right keywords, you can browse as many suppliers as you wish. Comparing prices (and products) has never been this easy and with so little in the way of overheads, the e-commerce store can offer really low prices and still turn a profit.
  • Free Stuff – Yes! Finally, things that don’t cost anything and all you have to do is find them (Google) and if you are prepared to submit a detailed user review, there are many companies that will send you their products. You can find free will writing in the UK from a leading member of the Society of Will Writers and they assist you every step of the way to create a will that is legal in the British Isles. Some design companies make demo products and they look for consumers to test various aspects and once you make an alliance with a few such businesses, you will have regular freebies arriving on your doorstep.
  • Free Web Storage – You can back-up all your digital data (old home movies, family pix and all your business stuff), as giants like Google will give you a couple of Terabytes of drive space on one of their many servers. While some providers insist you create at least one email account, others require nothing more than some personal information and a valid email address. Even though you regularly back your data up, it is wise to have another copy on a remote server.
  • Finding Hot Deals – There is a knack to this; basically, you need to trawl online suppliers, looking for end-of-line or clearance sales. Let’s say you are in the market for a new 3-piece suite; find out who the major wholesalers are and search their website for special clearance offers and that can save you as much as 60%! Patience is a virtue and if the need is not immediate, you should strike paydirt within a couple of days. Click here for 5 ways to save money when buying clothes.
  • Forget the Telephone – If you are tuned in, you’ll already be using digital platforms like Line, Skype and Zoom to communicate with friends. Last time we checked our telephone charge, we were billed for sending 4 SMS! Gone are the days of huge phone bills, as the web provides a platform for VoIP applications that offer real-time video calls from any location.

The Internet is many things and if you are one of those people who likes to shop around and find the best deals, it’s all out there on the Internet. Hang on to your hats when the Internet of Things (IoT) arrives, which offers 10x data transfer speed

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