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Hey guys how are you handling this crisis that the world is facing? I know you think it is a little silly to promote women during this time, but we all need something positive to hold onto right? Each one of these women that have been interviewed for this series have had struggles to overcome. I think we can all learn something from them as we read their stories. I had originally scheduled you to meet Stephanie Llorente next week but after reading her answers, I knew I had to introduce her to you sooner rather than later. Keep reading to find out why I moved Stephanie’s profile up by a week. Remember all these women featured have had to overcome some kind of struggle in their life that we can all learn from.

Tell me a little bit about you. 

I’m married to a wonderfully supportive man, Chris, and we have two children that keep us busy along with a new puppy named Sofi. 

I’m a North Carolina native, and I’m blessed to work from home as the owner of two businesses: a public relations consultancy and Restored. I’m a professional cheerleader for working moms, and I love it! Best. Job. Ever.

Tell me about your business. 

This is my favorite question because I get excited to answer it every time someone asks! 

Restored cultivates community for working moms. We do that by creating opportunities for them to feel supported in their faith and seen in their multi-faceted roles as a wife, mom, and worker. It’s such a special community of driven women that find value in faith, family, and work.

What struggles have you faced in your business? 

Right, this moment we’re in the middle of a COVID-19/coronavirus scare, and I was forced to reschedule Restored’s biggest event of the year – does that count?! 

On a more personal note, I can easily become fearful of making the wrong choice for this community. I’m learning that there’s no straight path for this. It’s a winding road and I often can’t see around the bend. Yet, somehow God chooses and uses those who say yes despite the fear. 

How have you overcome those struggles? 

Well, the short answer is that we haven’t. We’re all still navigating COVID-19, and will be for some time. But, because of my PR experience, I believe crisis breeds creativity, and that can be a good thing! We’re starting to see some of that now with companies doing old things in a new way, Restored included. As an example, Restored, which has always held in-person events is launching its first virtual Bible study on March 24 (please join us!!). We’re also creating plans to specifically support female business owners, which we can’t wait to share.

I’m finding that even though I have no formal training in some aspects of this business, my past roles have equipped me for what I need when I need it. And, when I’m not well-equipped, I find others in my life who are. By leaning into established partnerships, we were even able to quickly reschedule our big March event, now May 15.

Who were your mentors growing up? 

I’m blessed to have had many, but my parents take the top spot hands down. They taught me to work hard, think of others often, maintain integrity and avoid complacency. While my mom is a great example of the Proverbs 31 woman, my dad showed great respect for those qualities in her. Together, they shined a spotlight on what I could achieve as a female if a chose to pursue it. 

If you were to give advice to a woman going into the field you are in what would it be?

Your support system will make or break you. Surround yourself with cheerleaders, with strategists, with devil’s advocates, with leaders, with followers, with people who share your mindset, and those who don’t – and be willing to listen to all of them. It doesn’t mean you have to follow their advice, but at least you have their perspective – and the ability to listen, decide and move forward is instrumental in creating a successful company and trusted brand.

Have you found that being a woman in your field is harder or easier? Tell me about the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman. 

There are about 4,325,432,358 examples of why being a woman can be difficult in other fields, but not for what I do with Restored. In fact, leading a community of working moms would be WAY more difficult if I were a man!

 Have you ever have to overcome a hostile work environment?

Yes, but not in this role. In past public relations roles, I was often the only female in a room of corporate male executives. I heard comments they thought I missed, and I understood more than perhaps they thought I did. Once I was even told, “I’m not hiring anyone like you again,” which referenced motherhood.

However, I’m not one to shake my fist and say men are bad or invite a confrontation with those who sign my paycheck. I believe leading by example, maintaining your personal integrity, and welcoming difficult conversations privately are powerful tools in the workplace. I’ve earned promotions, created unlikely friendships and served as a level-headed peacekeeper because of them.  

What made you decide on your chosen field? 

Restored was created because a friend of mine and I struggled to find a relevant resource for women who wanted to invest in work, marriage, family, and faith. We KNEW women like us existed in abundance…but finding a program that supported all of those things was difficult. Most of the wonderful resourcing programs that exist are offered mid-morning, which is great for moms with flexible schedules, but moms in the workplace typically can’t attend or commit to involvement because at 9:30 a.m. on a Wednesday, they’re in an office, at a hospital, in a school, traveling for work, etc.

Not the type to sit around and wait for someone else to create it, we dug in and established Restored as the resource we, and so many others needed.

Anything else you would care to share. 

Always. It’s easy to say yes to something when it makes reasonable, financial and logical sense. Restored didn’t check many of those boxes. But when you’re called to something out-of-the-box that makes you a little scared and a lot excited – do it anyway. 

If you’re curious about Restored, our resources, our events or our community, check it out for yourself! I hope you’ll be glad I said yes to doing an out-of-the-box thing, too.

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