Make Some Extra Cash From Your Old Gadgets

extra cash from old gadgets

We all have old gadgets laying around the house that we just don’t use. Whether it’s a 10 year old laptop that has seen better days or a mobile phone that was upgraded and left in a draw somewhere along the line. The truth is that those unused gadgets could hold an unexpected windfall for you. Electronic recycling has become a huge industry over the last five to ten years, with mobile phones being a dominant niche within the market. However, there aren’t many sites that are able to take almost anything that you want to sell. So what are your options when it comes to getting rid of gadgets and electronics?


eBay are usually the first port of call for most people that are looking to sell something and they are great for getting rid of particularly abstract things. However, their fee’s can really hammer the amount of cash that reaches your bank account and the fact that you need to wait up 10 days for the listing to finish and then anything up to 1 week after that for payment is a real pain in the backside if you need the money in a hurry. It’s also worth taking into account that PayPal transfers to your bank account are not instant, so keep it in mind when budgeting. If you’re in no rush though, they are a great option.

There’s really not much more to be said about eBay that we don’t already know. It’s a simple and relatively easy way to sell your stuff online but the amount of time it takes to turn that item into cash in your hand can be problematic.


Bozowi are something of a diamond in the rough. Until relatively recently they were one of many companies that worked exclusively with mobile phones but that have since opened their doors to an awful lot more. For example, if I wanted to sell my iPad to them right now then I could get £315.50 for a device in used condition, which is relatively good value in itself. However, the reason I like Bozowi is simply because they get you paid fast. Really fast. They dispatch UPS to collect your stuff and pay you on the same day that it arrives at their warehouse, which is usually the next day. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Whatever it is that you’re looking to sell, just head over to Bozowi and pop it into their system to find out exactly what they will offer you for it, instantly!


Amazon are a highly underestimated online marketplace for private sellers. We all became so used to just using eBay that the only people who really stood up and took notice of Amazon were the businesses that we buy from. However, you will usually find that you will be paid more for the same item on Amazon than you would be on eBay. There are a few more hoops to jump through but that’s all in the best interests of the buyers, as we all know that Amazon provide some truly exceptional customer service. As long as everything is above board though, you shouldn’t have any trouble!

Local Newspapers

While we refer to them as local newspapers, it’s worth noting that many towns and cities also have bulletin boards online for this sort of thing and the rise to prominence of Facebook has also seen groups setup for the buying and selling of goods locally. All of these share a similar process though, which goes along the lines of the following:

  1. Write up your listing and make sure that you include all the details, like condition, price and whether the buyer needs to collect or if you can deliver.
  2. Format it in an acceptable style for the publication.
  3. Get your listing to the person who will publish it. That might be the admin of a Facebook group or the editor of the local newspaper.
  4. Be prepared to respond to any potential buyers.

Depending on the popularity of the publication/group, you will usually begin receiving offers fairly soon.

Which is best?

This is all relative, of course. Different routes will be better for everyone, dependant on your circumstances. Regardless of the route that you take, you will have essentially made money appear out of thin air from something that was probably just laying around the house collecting dust. No matter how you look at it, that’s a great result.

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