There’s A Fire In The Hole, But Have You Considered Child Safety?

When it comes to making your home safe for your little one, there are all sorts of things to consider. Hazards you never thought of will suddenly come to the fore. Everywhere you look, you’ll start seeing sharp corners and trip hazards. As such, you’ll likely come down on health and safety harder than the manager of a construction site. In no time, your home will have safety precautions galore in place.

But I will say besides all the safety precautions that are mentioned below, you will most definitely want to build your own first aid kit. A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment needed for treating injuries and other medical emergencies. They may include such items as bandages, scissors, cold packs, tweezers, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes or towelettes, antibiotic ointment packets or packages, sterile gloves, and other items. If you are still stumped about what to include in your kit, click for additional reading to help you figure this out.

But, some risks are easier to manage than others. Sharp corners can be covered with padding. Electric sockets can be kept safe using covers. Some things, however, aren’t as easy to keep safe. One such place worth attention is the fireplace. It’s hot and messy in there, and there’s no way you want your little one near it. But, dealing with matters here isn’t as simple as sticking padding around the thing. Instead, you need to get smart about child-proofing. Admittedly, it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach a stage where you can leave your little one alone with the fire when it’s on. But, the following precautions can at least reduce the risk of accidents here.

Get a gate

First, place a gate in front of your fire. Ensure it’s high enough that your child can’t climb over. Make sure, too, that it covers the entirety of your fireplace. It’s also worth placing this some distance from the fire itself. That way, there’s no risk of burning if your child chooses to grab hold. Of course, this option will only work while they’re young. But, you’d be surprised how efficient this can be at keeping them away from the danger zone.

A fireplace they can’t reach

Perhaps a more long-lasting option would be to ensure the fireplace is out of reach. If you already have an electric fire, why not invest in one which is fitted into your wall? Place this high enough, and you can do away with the risk that little fingers will end up where they shouldn’t. If you want to stick with a traditional fire, you could achieve the same effect by raising it a little and putting a shelf in place. This is easy enough to do, and will again ensure your child won’t come to any harm. You could even make this a stylish design feature by turning to companies like World Stone Group and applying a granite worktop to the completed product. Just like that, this would stop looking like a safety feature and start looking like a planned style choice.

Use a door

Perhaps the best option would be to apply fireplace doors. This is a standard safety feature that will keep your fire enclosed without compromising your usage. For extra safety, there are even locked options on the market which could ensure security when your fire isn’t in use. These, paired with the above options, are sure to remove the risks altogether. All you need to do is make sure your little one doesn’t work out how to open them!

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