Keeping Myself Amused with Free Cash

I’ve found a great way of keeping myself amused with free cash. It’s by playing online bingo games but before you stop reading and think “that isn’t something for me” – give me a moment to explain.

I caught onto the idea from a friend of mine I noticed tapping away on her mobile as we waited to pick the kids up from swimming practice one night. She seemed so intent on what she was doing that I thought she must be hard at work, but no – she told me she was playing bingo on her mobile phone. I looked at her incredulously but she told me to put aside my prejudice and to give it a try; so I did. And the effect was amazing. Once I’d understood how to play the games from the provider whose app I downloaded – I was hooked.

But it isn’t for the reason you may think; I care not one iota for the money. Instead, I simply like playing the games as they keep my attention without my concentration – so it’s mindless fun which is just what my mind needs. If I try and relax whilst doing nothing, my mind immediately starts to think about all the stuff I could or perhaps “should” be doing such as professional work, house work, working out, or general self-improvement, as well as myriad things for the kids.

In other words, I don’t really switch off and relax in any kind of meditative way and I find actual meditation impossible to achieve – so this is the next best thing. Sometimes I play for no money at all; sometimes I play for a penny per game. I did get a nice welcome bonus when I first signed up (in my case this was with Chitchat bingo) and I’m still playing with that free money. But it’s an irrelevance; playing online bingo gives my mind exactly what it needs; occupation without thought. The fact that I’m managing to keep myself amused with free cash is a bonus.

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