How to Organize and Store Outgrown Baby Clothes

A few days ago, I found myself in chaos while setting up my kid’s room. The closet was full of the outgrown toddler boys clothes that were no longer in use for my baby. The cupboard, cabinets, drawers, everything was cluttered with that outgrown item, thus leaving no room for the new stuff. However, thanks to my inner organizer, I devised an appropriate way of decluttering and freeing the space while safely storing the outgrown clothes for the future. In this article, I have shared my successful storage system that you can employ for the successful sorting of the extra items. Let’s dive in to learn more.

How to Organize and Store Outgrown Baby Clothes

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Tips for Organizing and Storing Outgrown Baby Clothes

Not every one of us wants to share our baby clothes, instead, we want to save some hand-me-downs for our future children to keep all our memories in front of our eyes. However, efficient storage is crucial, so that things can be stored safely. Here are the tips you need to adopt while storing the outgrown baby clothes.

  • Declutter the Items

Storing the outgrown clothes does not mean that you are going to stuff everything into a box and put it into the attic or basement. It starts with the careful decluttering. Your emotions and sentiments are important but you do not want to keep the items that are too damaged to use in the future.  For some items like stained shirts or other clothes, you can craft the clean cutting into something like a memory quilt. However, you are going to save only those items that are worthy to use later.

  • Launder the Items to Be Stored

Storing the dirty clothes is a big no. On such clothes, the stains are set and almost impossible to remove when you get them out after a few years. Moreover, they are also prone to the damage caused by insects that ruin the clothes. whether you are going to save or donate those clothes, launder everything, and then move to the sorting and storing steps.

  • Sort Everything by Size

When I was going through my baby’s stuff, to my astonishment I found the variation in the sizes that my baby has outgrown in merely one and a half years. However, it is common for all the babies. So, before packing, sort everything into separate piles according to the age group they are going to be used. 

  • Separate the Unnecessary items

Even after the first decluttering step, when you go through those sorted piles, you will find the things that you want to give a second thought about whether you want to save them or not. There can be things that you did not use for your older one because of any issue like you did not like the design or you mistakenly got the two of a similar item. Instead of saving them again and not using them later, it is better to let them go. Create a separate box for such items and donate them to someone needy who can bring them to use.

  • Fold and Pack the Clothes

Now you are seeing the things that need to be stored. Now fold each item and keep them in separate bags according to their size category. We recommend you use cheap vacuum bags, which take less space, and keep the dust away with air-tight packing. Hence, you make efficient use of your tight storage space. 

  • Label the Bags and Boxes

Labeling the bags and boxes is important so you can later easily find out what you have put into that particular bag and when your kid is going to use it, so you won’t end up opening the entire packed stuff to find particular and appropriate stuff needed for your baby. While you are sealing the bags, stick a label on which the clothes size and items included in those bags are written. If you are making separate boxes for different age groups, do not forget to label the boxes too.

Final Words

In conclusion, efficient storage of outgrown baby clothes is crucial so you can free the space for toddler girl clothes. Start by decluttering the closets and launder everything you are going to save. Categorize all the clothes and pack them nicely in the storage bags for future use.

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