How to Optimize Bathroom Space to Store Towels, Jewelry, Makeup and More


Bathroom vanities are the best, especially if you are a woman who appreciates a good place to do makeup every morning. Bathroom vanities allow perfect lighting, using both natural and electric lights. You should feel yourself a very lucky woman if you own a personal bathroom vanity.

Now, let’s admit it those vanities occupy way too much space. However, we come here with a few practical tips that will allow you to optimize space and create more storage area.

Horizontal Sleek Drawer for Jewelry

While buying the bathroom vanity, purchase the one that has a slim and sleek horizontal drawer to hand all the jewelry you own because keeping those necklaces, bracelets, and anklets safe is a difficult job. Finding a place in the vanity is a great way to handle the jewelry.

Hide the Power Points by Building them in Drawer

The same horizontal drawer can be used to hide the electric sockets as they simply kill the design buzz going around in the area. To execute this idea, you need to build a customized bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanities with many Drawers

Any bathroom vanity with too many drawers is always right because there are always too many things and items to fill up those drawers.

Baskets for Open Vanity Space

Open bathroom vanities have wide empty space under it where you can put cane baskets to store towels or maybe electric stuff like the dryer, iron, etc.

Wall-mounted Vanity – Store your Towels, Put a Low Bench to Create another Layer of Storage

Wall-mounted vanity is awesome as it leaves you with many options to fill the empty space. One of the ways to occupy the void is by placing a low bench to store your towels.

Wall-mounted Vanity – Put Shelves Under it to Store Towels and Other Stuff

Instead of a low bench, you can go for definitive layers under the vanity and utilize the permanent shelves for storing towels and other stuff.

Crate on Castors is another Great Idea to Utilize Space under the Wall-mounted Vanity

It seems that wall-mounted vanities are super as it gives you literally countless options. Another great idea is to put a crate on casters under the vanity and again use it to store anything you want.

The Built-in Vanity Wall Maximizes the Use of Space

For small bathrooms, the built-in vanity wall is too good. It gives you all the space you require. Just a little tip, be very specific in color selection as darker shades will look too heavy.

Towel Rails on the Sides of Vanity

You can use the vanity for putting towel rails to create a space for towels. It is a brilliant tip if you are sick of hooks and rails in your bathroom. Remember you can also get personalised bath towels to give your bathroom a more personalized look.

Hooks on the Sides of Vanity

Similar to the towel rails, hooks can serve the same purpose. Place the hooks on the side of bathroom vanity and just hang your towels.

Bathroom vanities are a great addition to your bathroom. They make your bathroom stylish. So don’t hesitate in installing vanities in your bathrooms.

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