9 Ways to Accessorize Indian Dresses

9 Ways to Accessorize Indian Dresses

Although beautiful Indian clothing can speak for itself with vibrant patterns and intricate design, it is never a bad idea to add dazzling accessories! Whether you prefer something subtle or want to make your look stand out, many accessories can take your outfit to the next level.  By adding jewelry and statement pieces, you can personalize your Indian dresses in seconds. With so many options to choose from, there are endless possibilities to help you shine.

Continue reading to discover nine accessories that will upgrade your wardrobe and help you feel fabulous!


Bangles are the perfect way to add a bit of tradition to your Indian dress. Although they hold significance in weddings, bangles are a great addition to any look! Stack as many bangles as you’d like and experiment with a variety of materials like shell, ivory, thread, wood, and classic metals. You can also play with color, as they often come in both neutral tones and vibrant hues. 


Necklaces are always a great way to elevate your style. They complement nearly all Indian dresses, and you can alternate between dainty or bold styles depending on the look you want to achieve! With a simple saree, a chunky statement necklace will upgrade the outfit. If your dress has a unique pattern, try a simpler gold or silver design. No matter which you choose, a necklace is a great addition to an outfit for any occasion!


Jhumkas are a type of earring that resembles an elegant chandelier. They can go with any outfit, so they are a great accessory to always keep in your wardrobe. With a variety of styles and metals, as well as beautifully colored beads, they add an extra pop to your look that average earrings may not be able to do. We are sure that the first time you wear this accessory won’t be the last!


Nose rings are considered traditional in Indian culture, and they make a beautiful statement. To add a bit of elegance to your look, choose a nose ring with dazzling charms. Pearls and diamonds look great with any outfit, and they can add more sophistication to your overall aesthetic. For a simple, everyday look, a gold ring adds subtle shine to your face and goes well with anything!


Bindi is an iconic symbol of Indian tradition and beauty. As they are believed to bring good fortune, it is never a bad idea to accentuate your facial features with a beautiful bindi! While they are traditionally red, now there are modern variations that feature crystals and unique pops of color. Find your favorite style and make a fashionable statement with this striking accessory!


Dupattas are part of Indian tradition and are typically draped around your shoulders. However, in more modern scenarios, they can be worn in a variety of ways! A beautiful sheer Dupatta can make a statement as a scarf, or it can be worn over your head for a stunning look. Adding a variety of dupattas to your wardrobe can make it easy to accessorize Indian dresses.

Waist chains

Add a bit of elegance to your saree with a charmed waist chain! As a replacement for an average belt, a waist chain will elevate your classic look and make it shine. While they are typically worn during celebrations, there is no reason you can’t incorporate them into your everyday looks. Simply place the chain around your waist, and you will add a bit of shine in no time!

An elegant purse

No outfit is complete without the perfect purse. Although it is primarily used to hold your things as you take on daily life, it’s also the perfect way to spice up your look! You can pair a simple outfit with a sparkly, vibrant bag to add a burst of color. Instead, if your dress has an intricate pattern, choose a simple clutch with subtle details that complement the look.

Standout shoes

When you finish assembling your outfit, don’t forget about the shoes! What you wear on your feet can easily dress an outfit up or down. If you are attending a celebration, wear gold heels to spice up the look. Otherwise, if you prefer something for everyday wear, comfortable flats will look great! No matter what style you are going for, don’t make the shoes an afterthought. 


With so many accessories to choose from, there is an unlimited number of ways you can style your Indian dresses. From necklaces to bindi, each accessory brings added charm and increased personalization to your look that will leave a lasting impression on those around you. Remember, your style should be unique to you, so be creative and always have fun!

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