How To Keep Yourself Busy During a Power Outage

How To Keep Yourself Busy During a Power Outage

The wind’s whispers frighten us. We crawl back under our covers in hopes the lights turn back on and return us to normalcy. Well, if that isn’t the beginning of a good spooky tale to tell the kids around a makeshift campfire with flashlights! In all seriousness, as the weather warms up, we will experience problems with power outages. As much as I want y’all to stay safe out there, I also want y’all to know how to keep yourselves busy during a power outage. These are some of the things I’ve done that I think y’all will enjoy, too.

Get Crafty With the Kids (Or By Yourself)

Something I enjoy doing is being creative. Being creative is the best way to keep me from going stir-crazy after a power outage. The main thing I like to do by myself is writing. Writing my thoughts on paper comes naturally and is the one thing that helps me communicate my ideas.

In the case of a power outage, I’ll grab a journal and a big candle and vacate to the porch, where I’ll sit in a chair and stare at the lawn until I come up with a prompt for myself. If I am with the kids, we might write together if they want, but sometimes they prefer other hands-on projects, like painting or coloring. Doing something creative is a healthy distraction and a positive way to grow bonds.

Maybe Do Some Cleaning

Another thing to do is clean. We often worry ourselves when the power goes out, but the best way to ease those burdening thoughts is to get busy. Whether cleaning the bedroom or moving around furniture, there’s always something to do to keep the mind active.

My oldest has always enjoyed rearranging her bedroom. The last time we had a power outage, they moved their bed around so much that I thought the thunder might’ve snuck into the house! I didn’t mind. It was great because it kept them busy and off their phone. Cleaning something relieves stress and makes us all feel accomplished when the electricity turns back on.

Tell Scary Stories Around Your Flashlight Campfire

If the power goes out in the middle of the night, don’t worry! One of the best ways to entertain ourselves during a power outage is to tell scary stories around a makeshift campfire. You can bring spooky stories to life using hand gestures in the torch’s light. You and the kids will have so much fun coming up with stories that you might forget about the power being out.

Ah, I will cherish those memories forever. Post-power outage, however, I went ahead and made changes around the house. As the kids grew, I learned one of the biggest reasons homeowners need backup generators is for comfortability. Once we hooked up the generator, we never had to worry about the power going out again.

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