How To Decide Which Type of Water Filter To Get

How To Decide Which Type of Water Filter To Get

For many, deciding which type of water filter to get is an extremely hard task. Not only is it difficult to understand how water filters differentiate themselves from others, but people usually don’t know there are different filtration systems that filter out different types of contaminants. Because of these factors, it can be difficult to decide which type of water filter is right for your home. If you’re in that position, you need to read on. Below we have detailed how to decide which type of water filter to get.

Test Your House’s TapWater

One of the first steps is to test your house’s tap water. Testing your home’s tap water will reveal if there are any major toxins or any other inorganic or organic pollutants that may be commonly found within the water supply. Beyond letting you know which types of pollutants are in your water, this should also tell you which type of filters to get. This is because the type of filter you get depends on which type of pollutants are present. If you have an overwhelming majority of one such pollutant over another, it may be prudent for you to pick a certain filter over another because of that.

Do Hard Water Stains Bother You?

Another point to think about when deciding upon a water filter is whether hard water stains bother you. Hard water stains, while not being implicitly harmful to the body, can present many annoying challenges. You may find hard water stains on plates, glasses, or cups which are left in the dishwasher to dry, as well as clothes that have been dried. If these types of water stains bother you, you may want to get a reverse osmosis filter or another type of sediment-removing filter, which will get rid of these stains once and for all.

Do You Want To Be Able To Drink From Any Faucet?

The last and perhaps most important question to ask when deciding which type of water filter to get is whether you want to drink from any faucet. While this sounds like a simple question, it is actually a huge point of contention, as there are two different types of filtration systems on the market. One of them, known as a POU system, enables filtration when the water comes out of a faucet. However, the other system, known as a POE system, filters the water as it comes into the house. The POE system is what you’d want if you want to be able to experience drinking water out of every single faucet.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap on how to decide which type of water filter to get for your home. While this is an extremely important process, we urge you to take your time and assess the situation altogether. The last thing you want to do is end up with a water filter that is ineffective for your situation.

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