3 Fun Summer Hobbies You Can Still Do in the Winter

3 Fun Summer Hobbies You Can Still Do in the Winter

Y’all, wintertime sometimes makes me feel down. I feel tired seeing the gray skies and feeling the chill in the air. I just want summer to get here as soon as possible. Luckily, I can get in a sunshiny mood by practicing these three fun summer hobbies you can still do in the winter. Perhaps if I try harder enough, the seasons will magically change.


Y’all may be thinking, “There’s no way I can garden in the wintertime.” Well, folks, I’m living proof that you can. You just have to follow a few quick tips! First, try pruning all your plants in the winter. You want to remove extra branches and buds so that plants can grow healthier in the spring. You should also know about the factors that hurt your irrigation system efficiency, as inclement weather is one of them. Cold temperatures can cause it to freeze, making it challenging to water your plants. Don’t sweat, though; by putting a cover or blanket over the system, it’ll stay warm and run efficiently.

Exercising Outside

It’s the new year, y’all. That means people are trying to stick to their resolutions. Getting healthier is, of course, a very popular goal. Y’all can accomplish this task by embracing the cold weather and working out outside. City municipalities usually make sure that running and biking trails stay shoveled. So nothing can stop you from getting in those miles! Plus, you’ll warm up while exercising, so you won’t need to wear as many layers.

Attending Sporting Events

Long gone are the days of sitting in the sun at a baseball game. Still, there’s no reason to be sad. Another summer hobby you can still do in the winter is going to sporting events. Check out your state’s winter sports teams and get warm by screaming from the bleachers. Or, if you’d rather be inside, you can attend a hockey game as long as you dress warmly.

Yes, I wish it was summer. However, I plan to make the most out of winter by practicing summer-like hobbies. If we do things that we love all season long, time will fly by faster. Soon enough, we’ll be chilling by the pool with an umbrella drink in our hands.

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