How to Discover Your Royal Roots

How to Discover Your Royal Roots from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you have an eye for the finer things in life and enjoy luxury living, have you ever wondered if you come from a distinguished ancestral line, maybe even royalty? Maybe there’s something in your genes that give you this taste for the top of the range living! Even if you think you already know your family history, you may be surprised at what you find out with a little bit of research. Of course, you may discover no illustrious predecessors in your past, but you’ll still unearth some fascinating information about where you came from and what made you the person you are.

The Research

If you like playing detective and searching for this kind of information yourself, then there are plenty of resources on the Internet such as Genealogy Bank that can get you started. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time, or aren’t really interested in the process and just want the facts, you can employ a genealogist to do the research for you. They will take all the information you can give them and do a thorough, methodical search for any details relating to your family. They can also prepare a detailed family tree illustration for you. The more information you can come up with the better, particularly if your family name is not uncommon. There may have been many families with the same name living in the same area as your relative, so any additional information you can provide will help narrow down the search fields. There is more and more information being made available online, but not every archive is fully digitized yet, so you or your genealogist may need to visit certain repositories in person.

The Name Game

Your name is likely to have a fascinating history going back hundreds of years and could give you an indication of the likelihood you have noble or royal blood. Most names relate to the place a family originated from, or their trade or another noteworthy characteristic. Many are derived from the language of invading forces, such as the Normans and Vikings in Britain, which then transferred over to the United States with the Pilgrim Fathers. Finding out your last name origin can tell you a great deal about what sort of class your ancestors were, and what social circles they would have moved in. You can find out a wealth of information by using a last name search service online and also get some good indications on further sources of information. If you’re aware of any changes of name in the family, such as immigrants often made when entering America, that can be useful for tracing your overseas ancestors too.

It’s amazing where a search of family history can take you, and of course, there can be multiple branches of the tree to explore. People who have done some family research often remark on how there are similarities between their lives and certain ancestors whose stories they have uncovered. Whatever you discover when delving into your past, it probably won’t be boring!

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