How to Decide Whether to Buy a Bridal Set or an Engagement Ring

With weddings becoming more and more commercialized each year, loving fiancés are getting their brides-to-be more expensive gifts than ever before. Instead of just purchasing a rather traditional engagement ring, men are looking to morganite bridal sets as the new way to pop the big question. Bridal sets typically contain not just an engagement ring, but also a wedding band. There are a number of positives for getting a complete bridal set before proposing, but there are some negatives, too, that weigh in on the decision.

How to Decide Whether to Buy a Bridal Set or an Engagement Ring from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom


A question you need to ask yourself is: how well do you know your girlfriend? If you think you are 100% sure what kind of wedding band or ring she would go for, then you might score some extra points by buying both at once. However, if you have any doubt at all about the engagement ring you are planning to buy, you might want to refrain from making one mistake into two mistakes. Thus, in such a case, you should only make one investment, leaving the other one up to her while still maintaining the surprise element.

Another factor that comes into play is whether you are able to make such a big expenditure at one point. While judging this, it is important to keep in mind that many jewelers offer fantastic discounts for people who wish to buy their engagement ring and wedding ring or band at the same time, in the form of a wedding set. If you want an affordable engagement ring and you have the capital to make a large expenditure, it is advisable that you buy a moissanite bridal sets.

Bridal sets have the added advantage that you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a set of rings that match since jewelers specially design engagement rings and wedding rings that go together in bridal set packages. As a result, you can save a lot of valuable time before the wedding since you will not need to scamper to get a decent wedding ring. Many women fail to get perfectly matching bands, but a while wedding band can go with almost any diamond ring.

Many men struggle with the big decision of whether they should buy a solitary engagement ring before they propose or an aquamarine wedding set. The easiest way to come to the decision, besides considering one’s own financial situation, is to pay a visit to all the major jewelry stores in your area, and actually see the different options that are available. Ask any person who has been ring shopping and they will tell you the same thing – you will know the right ring or bridal set when you see it. When you find something that you like, whether it is a bridal set or an engagement ring, nothing will stop you from buying it, and the decision will be easier than you could ever have imagined it to be.

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