How to Create the Best Home Office Setup For Boosting Productivity

How to Create the Best Home Office Setup For Boosting Productivity from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Do you ever get a twinge of envy looking at those “best home office setup” posts and the way they’ve got a neat and cozy setup? One can’t help but compare it to one’s mish-mash of thrift store hauls and Office Depot basics.

More than 4 million Americans are telecommuting these days. They’re set up at dining tables, patios, and wherever they have privacy. Sound familiar?

An awesome home office is a key factor between distraction and getting things done. This article shares how to go about building the perfect setup.

The Best Home Office Setup: A How-to

There seem to be two home office design types — the:

  • “Everything is neatly in its place”
  • “There’s order to the chaos, believe me”

One study found that even the smallest distractions disrupt productivity. A few minutes of lost time doesn’t seem like much, but this quickly adds up.

There’s more to consider when setting up a home office than stacks of papers.

Things like…

Sizeable, Decluttered Desk

The desk’s size is a compromise since its location is limited. But, it should provide space for the essentials like the workstation and home office items. This keeps everything within reach for optimal performance.

The best home office desks:

  • Provide ample support and sturdiness
  • Sit level to one’s abdomen to prevent wrist strain
  • Keep activity private from drop-in visitors

Desks should remain tidy and decluttered to stop distractions. Aim for the bare necessities minus a few, inspirational items like desk plants and photos.

A Comfortable Chair

Long hours sitting at a workstation wreaks havoc on your body from heart problems to weight gain. A comfortable, supportive and ergonomic office chair is a must for work from home professionals.

Look for these features with an office chair:

  • High, ergonomic back, neck, and spine support
  • Swivel features and a wheelbase for mobility
  • Breathable fabric like mesh else leather for durability
  • Comfortable arm and neck rest

Alternatively, one can swap the desk and chair for a recliner matched with roller PC table. This stops one’s spine from compressing during long hours.


Natural lighting is best, but a bright desk lamp and overhead lighting will work fine. Good lighting prevents eye strain from long hours at the computer. This prevents headaches and fatigue to keep at those projects.

Good lighting also accentuates the home office’s color scheme. A burst of color makes people happy typically leading to better productivity.

A “Break Space”

There are many workflows to hit goals, with one being the Pareto Technique. This technique constraints work to time blocks with forced downtime to relax. The downtime recharges one’s motivation to jump back in and power through.

An awesome home office would include a space to relax and unwind. Plopping onto a sofa to unwind — or power nap — will keep the energy flowing.

Consider these items to add to the break space nook:

  • In-door plants
  • Inspirational posters
  • Candles or diffusers

Own the Space. Keep It Simple.

A minimal design is the best home office setup as it helps one focus and power through daily tasks. Accenting it with comfortable furniture and features provides tons of creativity to own the space. Also remember you don’t need to go into debt to furnish your office you find ways to save by using Office Depot coupons.

Chris McNair is the Manager of European Leather Gallery, the #1 Ekornes Stressless furniture stores in the United States.

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