How to Be a Good Dancer: Traits to Teach Your Child

How to Be a Good Dancer- Traits to Teach Your Child from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It’s no secret that dancing as a hobby can be expensive for your child. Ballet or dance classes can cost between $60 and $150 per month. And if your child seeks to become a serious ballet dancer, 15 years of rigorous training can cost upward of $120,000.

However, money alone is not the key to how to be a good dancer. And there are countless benefits to dancing for your child, whether or not they choose to pursue dance as a professional in the future.

Here are our top tips for helping your child become a good dancer and enjoy the act of dancing and health benefits, too.

How to Be A Good Dancer Through Inspiration

One of the best budget-friendly things you can do for your child is to encourage them to watch live and on-demand dance performances. Your child may be wondering how to be a good dancer due to an original interest in dance through the media.

There’s nothing quite like absorbing the energy of a live dance performance. However, surveying and watching different dancers via on-demand video is an even quicker (and more affordable) way to learn about different types of dance.

Sit down with your child and give a few different dance styles a try! They just might find a new inspiration that helps them tackle dance practice reinvigorated.

Lyrical Dance for your Child

No matter the type of dance your child first gravitates toward, lyrical dance experience is wonderful for becoming a good dancer. This is because lyrical dance can contain a wide range of dance styles.

Instead of staying in one strict dance style, lyrical dance classes take inspiration from the lyrics and meaning behind the music. Different teachers and classes then create routines across a variety of styles including jazz, waltz, pop, and more.

By enrolling your child in a lyrical dance class, you’ll expand their idea of what dance can encompass. They just might find their new favorite type of dance this way!

Even if your child doesn’t end up liking lyrical dance, experiencing a class can fasten their hard dance skills and encourage them to continue seeking different types of dance expression.

Improving Health Alongside Dance

Our last tip in helping your child improve as a dancer integrates health and dance. Every part of one’s health will affect their hobbies. This is particularly true in a physically demanding hobby such as dance. 

By encouraging your child to stretch regularly, you can help improve their health and ability to learn new dance routines. Flexibility is also essential to protect limbs and muscles against sprains.

Having a healthy sleep schedule and eating balanced diets will also help your child excel in dance by ensuring they are properly energized during practice.

Helping Your Child Pursue Dance

Helping your child know how to be a good dancer can inspire them to pursue dance as a career or simply help them live healthier lives. It can also offer them an enjoyable hobby, and cement their mental health.

Ready to learn more about how to support your child’s dance recital or properly supply them for dance lessons? Read more on our blog today.

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