How Helpful Impact Resistant Windows Are

How Helpful Impact Resistant Windows Are

Investing in impact resistant windows is always a smart option for protecting your property. Not only will these help keep your property safe from hurricanes and other severe weather events, but they can also boost energy efficiency.

Unlike standard windows, hurricane impact resistant windows have an interlayer made of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). This layer holds glass fragments together when they’re hit by debris or wind.

Shatter-Resistant Film

If you’ve ever had kids playing baseball outside and a ball flies right through your window, you know how helpful shatter-resistant film can be. That’s because the film holds broken glass together, reducing the likelihood that you’ll pick up shards of glass on your carpet or in your rooms.

It also makes your windows safer from the wind and other debris that can fly in during a storm. Unfortunately, these impacts can cause severe damage and injuries to your family and home.

Impact Resistant Windows are made of high-quality glass reinforced with a special interlayer. The interior heat-strengthened glass layer contains a vinyl inner layer made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or SentryGlass Plus(r), which creates a powerful, durable, and tear-resistant barrier.


Hurricane windows, often known as impact resistant windows, may be extremely beneficial to residences and businesses. They can help reduce the risk of property damage, injuries, and fatalities during a storm.

They can also provide priceless peace of mind, boost energy savings, and increase home value. Additionally, they can eliminate the need for storm shutters and prevent water from entering your home.

Unlike traditional single-pane annealed glass, laminated glass pieces don’t break into dangerous shards when struck by objects. Instead, they stick to the laminate and stay secure in the frame, protecting your home and family.

To ensure a window’s strength, manufacturers must perform durability tests. For example, a window must endure a nine-pound 2×4 missile launched at 34 miles per hour to meet Florida’s Miami-Dade County NOA certification standards. Then a second projectile fired at one of its corners.

Energy Efficiency

Impact windows provide hurricane protection, are extremely energy efficient, and may save you money on power expenses. 

Window energy ratings are essential because they help you understand how your new windows will affect your home’s heating and cooling costs.

Energy Star-rated products are the most energy-efficient options available. These are the best options for homes in Florida and other regions that need to minimize annual energy bills.


Impact windows are an excellent choice for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. They can be installed in various home styles and provide powerful protection from storms, wind-borne debris, and even burglary attempts.

Unlike conventional window frames, the glass and laminates of impact-resistant windows are held firmly together by a durable plastic-like film. When the glass is impacted, it may shatter, but all the pieces stay in place in the frame to prevent air, water, or projectiles from entering your home and doing damage.

Impact windows also offer a wide range of benefits, including protection from wind and rain, noise reduction, UV protection, and lasting beauty. Moreover, they are available in various styles, colors, and sizes to suit your Southern home.

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