How Commercial Window Film Can Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Building

How Commercial Window Film Can Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Building

Window film is an inexpensive and effective solution for commercial spaces. It cuts energy costs, reduces glare and UV ray damage, and helps with LEED certification.

Energy costs are among the largest reoccurring expenses when running any business, especially in San Antonio’s harsh Texas sun. Window film rejects solar heat and keeps spaces cool and comfortable all year round, delivering energy savings and a fast payback.

Improved Comfort

Window film is a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs and enhance tenants’ comfort. It’s a sustainable solution that offers better performance than replacing windows and can be installed quickly without disrupting business operations or creating landfill waste.

A third of a building’s cooling bill comes from solar heat gain through windows; most existing windows could be more energy efficient. Commercial window films reject the sun’s heat to help keep rooms at a moderate temperature all year round.

Decorative window films come in various shades, patterns, and styles to complement any décor. They cost a fraction of etched and frosted glass and add a distinctive look to your office. They also increase the value of your property as they give off a professional image that will impress clients and customers. The energy savings provided by these products can also assist in earning LEED certification points for green buildings. With a payback often in less than three years, window films are a smart investment for any business.

Reduced Glare

Commercial window film is a smart solution to create an energy-efficient environment by controlling the sun’s glare. This reduces eye strain for employees working with computers and improves the comfort of visitors to a building.

Harsh sunlight can cause distraction in a space, which can negatively impact the productivity of an office or hinder the experience of a visitor viewing art exhibits in a museum. Window film reduces glare and allows natural light to flow into the space, creating a comfortable atmosphere without needing curtains or blinds.

Despite the common perception that window films are dark, the truth is that the human eye perceives only a fraction of the reduction in visible light that a spectrophotometer measures. Window films help control the amount of sunlight that enters your space, reducing the need for air conditioning and helping to save energy costs. These benefits make window film a practical and affordable upgrade for your building.

Reduced UV Rays

The sun’s UV rays are known to cause skin cancer and damage interior furnishings. Commercial window film helps to reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that enter your building and can help protect your staff, customers, and furnishings.

In addition to saving money, window film is a green technology and can assist you in earning LEED credits. It is an easy, cost-effective alternative to replacing your windows and will help you achieve energy savings in your building.

Window film is an invisible application that can be shaped and cut to any shape and size of window or door. It is installed inside the existing glass to control fading, glare, and heat build-up invisibly. It also comes in a wide range of eye-pleasing shades and colors to fit any aesthetic. In addition, a safety and security window film strengthens your windows and prevents shards of glass from flying inwards during natural disasters or forced entry.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Regarding business costs, energy bills can be one of the biggest reoccurring expenses. With San Antonio’s hot and sunny climate, it can be challenging to lower HVAC consumption without sacrificing comfort or productivity.

Commercial window tinting is designed to reject the sun’s heat, helping your building cost-effectively achieve energy efficiency. Depending on the type of film installed, this can save you up to 50% on cooling costs.

Additionally, energy-efficient window film helps reduce glare and improves visibility which can help your employees work more efficiently. It can also protect your interior furnishings and fabrics from fading or warping, prolonging their lifespan. Compared to expensive and labor-intensive window replacement, commercial window film is a smart and sustainable upgrade for your office space.

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