How Do You Know if Braces Are Right for Your Kids?

How Do You Know if Braces Are Right for Your Kids?

I considered myself the lucky one growing up when my sister got braces and I didn’t. I didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t perfect teeth that stopped me from being subject to the same fate, but a lack of money. While it was great to live braces-free through middle and high school, I’m now consulting with a dentist about my options for straightening teeth as an adult. If you are wondering how to know if braces are right for your kids, here are some of the things I think y’all should consider before scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist.

If Your Child Is Asking for Braces

First and foremost, if your child is telling you about discomfort when biting or complaining to you about the appearance of their teeth, it’s a good time to talk with them about braces. Luckily for parents, as more adult role models are getting braces for themselves, kids are becoming aware and conscious of braces as an option and may ask about them directly. Not every child is going to open up to their parents about health concerns, so I suggest doing what you can to get the topic on the table without putting them on the spot. I would have hated for my parents to have asked me about my dental health over dinner but being more conscious of my teeth would have saved us both money in the long run.

If You’re Confident Your Child Is Responsible

I enjoy watching videos from nurses, surgeons, and even dentists talking about their jobs. One of the trends I’ve heard often from dental professionals venting about their jobs online is how often young people mess up the process by being irresponsible. Braces and retainers work overtime, so frequently forgetting (or ignoring) the orthodontist’s recommendations can be costly. If you know your child is ready to fully incorporate instructions into their dental hygiene routine, braces are more likely to succeed.

If You’ve Looked Into All Options

I spent a long time thinking braces were something agonizing until I better understood how braces actually help straighten teeth. Even knowing that they aren’t scary, I still took comfort in knowing I had other options. Modern dentistry has done its best to step away from the iconic dental headgear and move towards methods that do the work while maintaining the patient’s comfort and confidence. If your child is worried about braces, be sure to speak to their orthodontist about different styles, how your child can customize braces, and if aligners are an option. Having this conversation with your child in the room or relaying it to them in a more comfortable setting can do a lot to help y’all decide what’s right for you both.

Choosing to get braces is likely to be hard on both of you. Just like most things, communication and trust will be key to helping you know if braces are right for your kids. Chances are, if your child needs braces, they’ll thank you for them in the future. Once you have determined your child needs braces after speaking with them, check out this dentist in hudgins to get their braces as soon as possible

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