Here’s To You

Today I have been dealing with the stomach bug but feel a little better about life. LOL
It has been extremely quiet around here today.
My parents took the girls and my nephews to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Va.
My oldest daughter is going to writing a review for me about her experiences there.
Look for it soon. So it has just been Allie and Me inside all day today.
We did go visit the chickens and the other dogs.
Yesterday I never got to show you what I received from the hubs for my birthday.

Yellow Roses Again!!!

And these movies and a Cd.
There is a story behind these. I picked at them all out and went up to the register to pay for them
I was going to use my debit card, the lady asked for my drivers license.
I could notfind it in the big thing I call my purse.
( I had taken it out when I went to pick up my paycheck and
 had just thrown it in my purse instead of putting it back in my wallet.
YES I am so bad about that one.
I do it  with my debit card too. YIKES that is a habit I need to break.)
So because I could not find it,
I turned around and asked the hubs if he would mind paying for them with his card.
 He used cash and as we are walking out the door he tells me “Happy Birthday” those are your presents. Okay I can go for that but then he proceeds to tell everyone
that he did such a great job picking out my presents this year.
He got me exactly what I wanted.
MEN sometimes you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.
Did you notice the theme in the movies and Cd?
I will fill you in my obsession tomorrow.

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