Healthy Menopause: Common Myths about “The Change” That You Must Know

Healthy Menopause Common Myths about “The Change” That You Must Know from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Did you know that a woman spends approximately 3500 days of her lifetime menstruating? From the start of the first cycle at the age of 12-15 to menopause at the age of 40s-50s, an average woman has around 450 periods. Shocking, isn’t it? Thankfully, women can say goodbye to the period pain after menopause or “The Change” phase. However, going through this phase is easier said than done. It includes a lot of pain, effects on sexual desires, hormone therapy, and much more. You might have heard about these things, right? 

But is all this information about menopause actually true? Not really! There are several types of myths that have surrounded this topic. Do you want to know what these myths are? 

Keep reading! 

The symptoms are very bad. 

Not necessarily. The symptoms of menopause can vary from person to person. Some women face issues such as erratic periods, night sweats, fading libido, or bloating. According to this expert dentist in Tewksbury, some may even be more prone to gum diseases and tooth decay due to the decreased saliva production caused by menopause. However, some women only face the issue of hot flashes, which is the primary symptom. 

Nonetheless, there is also the possibility that you have already survived the worst symptoms and didn’t realize it. Understand that everybody is different, and so is the body’s response to change. 

Moreover, if you have a healthy lifestyle, free from alcohol, spicy food, caffeine, etc., you can easily get through this phase. 

You “have” to get treatment.

Well, menopause is a natural and normal process. You don’t “have” to get treatment. Nonetheless, it is essential that you talk to your gynecologist about your signs and symptoms, especially if they are unbearable for you. In such a situation, you can also seek treatment. 

Moreover, if you make some changes in your lifestyle, such as adding more nutrition to your diet or exercising regularly, the symptoms can reduce. In addition to this, for your menopause wellness, you can prepare a must-have or essential kit that could help you. Even so, the treatment is not necessary. 

You can’t get pregnant during this phase.

It is one of the most common beliefs. However, it’s a lie! You can get pregnant during the perimenopause or menopause phase. You can no longer become pregnant after one full year without a period or when the phase ends. 

In case you still get periods, whether regular or not, the possibility of pregnancy is there. That’s why, when you are getting intimate, make sure to use contraceptives. 

You might lose your memory. 

No! Menopause is not the reason for your memory loss. In fact, it has no relation whatsoever with memory. The reason behind memory loss could be aging or an underlying health condition such as depression, anxiety, or thyroid dysfunction. 

In addition to this, poor diet or the side effects of medication can also cause memory loss. Therefore, it is essential that you (or your loved one who is facing such an issue) talk with the healthcare professional immediately. 

To sum it all up!

The menopause phase is not going to be easy, as there will be hormonal changes, pain, and whatnot. However, it is essential that you know the truth behind the symptoms and don’t believe the myths.

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