Have You Ever Wished You Were Some Place Else?

If you have the short story called Someone Else Somewhere Else by Jenelle Jack Pierre is the story for you. Have you ever had that one situation in your life that you really just wish that you could just escape from. Whether it is a situation that you want out or a feeling that you want to let go of? Then you know what the main characters in this story are feelings.

Here is a brief summary of the story:

“Though we were four years younger than Ariya, we’d watched teenagers before at an older cousin’s house. They talked on the phone, they texted their boyfriends, they watched movies on DVDs. Sometimes, they tidied up the house by wiping the table with a damp sponge after feeding us, removing the crumbs and ring spots from the bottom of our glasses. But we’d never seen any of them work like Ariya did.”

Twin sisters. Stepdaughters. Neighbors. In this short fiction, the lives of the twins are forever changed when their mother remarries and they move next door to a family unlike their own. Could their lives have been different with a flip of a coin?

The twins soon realize how lucky they are that their mother had married a wonderful man who became their stepfather. They know that things could have been a lot worse.

Here is my take on this short story.

First I loved this short story. It was filled with a lot of details in just a few shorts pages but that is a plus. The length of the story makes it a great read to take along to a doctor’s appointment. You can read it in one sitting and feel like you have accomplished so much because of that. Plus it also teaches the concept that appearances are deceiving. That sometimes things are not always what they seem.

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