Handling the Task of Selecting the Ideal Clothes Hangers

Handling the Task of Selecting the Ideal Clothes Hangers from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

One always likes it when everything in their room is settled down. Your wardrobe plays a massive role in caring for your clothes. Even if you don’t, your wardrobe keeps everything in place. Still, it’s not a human being. You need to follow some steps to organize everything and leave the rest to your wardrobe.  We’re not going to tell you how to make the most out of it, but still, you will have your share of tips. For starters, we recommend using some equipment like velvet clothes hangers, partitioners, drawers, etc. However, not every wardrobe might have these features from the beginning. You might have to stuff these things in through the right platform. 

 In this article, we have some tips regarding how to choose clothes hangers for your wardrobe. Not only do we give you the most affordable options, but also guide you through the process. So, let’s start with the guide and then the choices you have. 

The Basic Features to Ensure

First of all, a wardrobe hanger should be non-slippery. Your clothes are too precious to catch those folding marks whenever you need them. Notably, the silky dresses, blouses, shirts, and pants that you wear on short notice are the most affected ones. 

Then comes the build quality. As you don’t want to buy these hangers, again and again, they should be durable. The build quality has a considerable role to play in how hangers stack up against time. Many established brands help you standardize this build quality. You can even choose some of the local brands that can match up. 

Another feature to ensure is simplicity. We knew you liked a fancy closet. But still, there’s no way that an elegant-looking hanger will be more durable than a simple one. Simplicity always works in your favor unless it’s too dull. So, there has to be a balance between durability and a premium look. 

We recommend non-slip velvet hangers dedicated to this purpose. They not only look good but also keep your clothes stand apart from each other. Of course, they are not slippery for any type of clothes you want to store in there. Using your limited space is one of the tricks, and these velvet hangers help you do that quite effectively. However, the prerequisite is that you should know how to use them. Their advantage is that you save space and you need to hang your clothes closely and see the difference. 

Some Options

After you know the features of hangers, here are a few options to work with in the beginning. For anyone who’s just starting to organize the closet, these options are a good head start. 

a). Velvet Suit Hangers

Velvet coat hangers are non-slippery for all those silky clothes you have. These are used for daily activities and are suitable for any type of cloth used to wear in your closet. These hangers we just 10 pounds and are very easy to handle. 

b). Wooden Hangers

Another premium-looking option in the market that has gained a lot of popularity. Wooden hangers are durable unless you expose them to water. And they make excellent suit hangers and are crafted from strong Grade A Beech Wood. Their sturdy construction supports your garments and helps maintain their shape, ensuring your clothes look their best for longer.

c). Ultra-thin Plastic Hangers

These hangers are for all those who travel frequently. You can take these hangers in your car, and they’ll be very easy to handle. These hangers are also pretty useful at home unless you use them roughly. These are not the most durable options in the market today. But, the flexibility of usage makes them suitable for many conditions. 

d). Cedarfresh Wood Hangers

These are pretty similar to the wooden hangers mentioned above. The only difference is the color and premiumness they bring with them. And as you might wonder, these are more expensive too. These hangers are suitable for all those who want a unique color to match with their closet. 

After reading this article, you should be in a position to choose a that is ideally suited for your closet.

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