Guide: Greatest Sport Experiences in North Carolina

Get an insight into some of the greatest sports experiences you can find in the state of North Carolina. There are great experiences available for both basketball, football, and soccer fans. Here’s a guide!  

Going to a sports match is a great way to gather the family together for some great entertainment. Modern sports events are mass media events appealing to all senses. With halftime shows, great snacks, and entertainment galore, you can find a bit for every taste, while also experiencing the thrill of supporting the local basketball, football, hockey, or soccer team. These days, people might even try to make some money from the outcome of the big game too by placing a bet on the result, whether that’s in a physical sportsbook or online, having gotten something like a mybookie promo when they signed up to a site for the first time. Even if betting isn’t your thing, watching live sports is a seriously exciting experience that everyone should experience at least once. Here are some of the greatest sports experiences you can find in North Carolina. 

Guide Greatest Sport Experiences in North Carolina from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom


In Charlotte, you find the home of Charlotte Hornets. The club is owned by legendary basketball star Michael Jordan and the matches are played in Spectrum Center, fitting 19,077 spectators. The team is playing in the Southeast division against the Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and Washington Wizards, so you can find plenty of local rival games at the packed arena. 

The Hornets are still longing for some big success and haven’t been in the playoffs since the 2015-16 season. Fans of Hornets are probably longing for the glory days in the 1990s. From 1992 till 2002 Hornets qualified for the playoffs in 7 out of 10 seasons. 

With multiple matches over the year, you can establish a good betting streak for the Hornets’ games. Basketball is an optimal sport for betting. You have the traditional bets like winner or loser, but you can also play multiple other games with handicaps, over/under points, etc. To learn more about betting on basketball or other sports visit Here you’ll find a guide to the best betting sites available. 


Feel the rush of 74,867 spectators, when Carolina Panthers are playing at the Bank of America Stadium. Since the club was established in 1995 it has been a great success in first the West Division and since 2002 the South Division. The club made it twice to the Super Bowl final but lost both times against the Patriots in 2003 and the Broncos in 2015. 

The team unites people of both North and South Carolina who all support the Carolina Panthers. Maybe that’s a reason why all home games have been sold out since 2002! According to football experts, all seats are great at the stadium. But it still might be time for an update soon for the more than 25-year-old stadium. Check it out here  Check it out here  

Guide Greatest Sport Experiences in North Carolina


This other form of football is having a slow, but steady rise in popularity in the USA. North Carolina has two soccer teams for the best American soccer leagues: North Carolina Courage for the National Women’s Soccer League and the men’s team Charlotte FC for Major League Soccer. Be a soccer mom and go and watch one of the most popular sports in the world. 

NC Courage has been one of the most successful teams in the women’s soccer league with two national championships and three shield wins. They were the first team to win both the regular season and the playoffs – which they’ve done in both 2018 and 2019. Quite impressive, since the team was only founded in 2017. 

Less success has been found for Charlotte FC who got their license for MLS in 2019. Because of COVID-19 Charlotte FC still waits to play the first MLS game.

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