Guest Post: Frugal Moving: 4 Ways to Control Your Finances While on the Move


As anyone who’s ever moved knows, moving can be expensive. Not only are there the expenses involved once you reach your new home, there are expenses involved just to get there. Deposits, credit checks, moving vans, and more can eat into anyone’s budget. It’s not uncommon for a household to start cutting back on daily expenses months before a big move. Fortunately, there are some other things you can do to make your move easier on the wallet. Here are four of them.

1. Plan Your Move at the Right Time


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Peak moving time is in the summer, on weekends, and at the beginning of the month. The reason for this is supply and demand. These are the times people are most likely to get time off from work or have their current lease expire. Moving during any of these peak times can cost you between 25%-50% more than if you moved on a spring, fall or winter weekday in the middle of the month.

2. Take Inventory, Then Discard


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By far, the best way to cut down on moving expenses is to simply have less stuff to move. Look around your home and take inventory. Determine what you use, what you don’t, and what would be cheaper to replace once you arrive. Clothing, books, dishes, and even furniture can all fall into this category. Be ruthless. Every item you bring is going to cost you money.

If the items you want to get rid of are still in good condition, have a yard sale, put them in a consignment shop, or simply donate them to charity.

3. Pack Your Own Boxes


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Cheap moving trucks, of course, can save you a fortune. But even if you hire a mover, packing your own boxes gives you three main advantages. It saves you money, you can take extra care with your sentimental items, and it enables you to know where everything is.

Though it can be easy to lose track of items in a move, packing your own things enables you to use a special system for knowing where everything is. The system is both economical and easy. Simply buy a notebook, and mark each box you pack with a letter, number or symbol. Make that same mark in your notebook. Using one page per box, list the entire contents of the box with that same mark. This way, you’ll know exactly where everything is and if something is missing.

4. Wrap Items in Linens & Towels



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When it comes to wrapping your breakables, consider wrapping them in your non-breakables instead of in bubble wrap. Linens, towels and clothing all make excellent wrapping materials. Best of all, they cost no money and don’t take up any added space in your vehicle.

Though the opportunities in a new area might be too good to pass up, moving is nonetheless expensive. No one enjoys the act of moving, and they certainly don’t enjoy the chunk it takes out of their wallet. However with these tips, you can save the most money possible during your big move.

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