Gourmet Gifts For Your Friends And Loved Ones

Gourmet Gifts For Your Friends And Loved Ones from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Whether you are shopping for birthday or housewarming gift, the gift selection included below are perfect for your foodie loved ones. From savory bites, sweet delicacies, and others, there is always something that will please anyone with the list included below: 

Pecan Pralines 

You can try the Texas Chewies which your family will love. It has a rich and buttery caramel flavor on it. Just combine it with Texas pecans to have a nutty and delicious candy combination. In every box, you can savor 24 individual pralines, which is one of the Gourmet gift hampers & Christmas hampers. 

Bacon Lover’s Basket 

Do you like to give all-natural bacon, no nitrates, and gluten-free? We all know that everyone loves bacon. This basket is a foolproof gift that you can give to your loved one. It includes one pound of garlic bacon and pepper. There is also chipotle bacon and maple bacon for you. 

You can also have a jar of maple with bacon and barbecue sauce. This is an awesome gift to share for your bacon-lover friend or loved one. 

Assorted Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti 

If you wish to give something sweet, then you can have this assorted gourmet chocolate biscotti. It is available in six flavors like chocolate chip, chocolate raisin, caramel chip, almond crunch, nut crunch, and cookie crunch. This is presented beautifully in a gift box with a nice bow. 

Sauce Gift Sets 

Meanwhile, Stonewall Farms offers sauce gift sets for their customers. It contains 11-ounce bottle of maple, teriyaki, onion fig, and roasted garlic. In one variation, you can find honey barbecue, peach whiskey, and garlic teriyaki sauce. Indeed, all of the sauces are so good!

Chocolate Covered Cookies/ Sandwiches 

You can give gourmet cookies with chocolate cover. You can select from various flavors available like chocolate and nuts. 


This assortment is a favorite of many people. It is available in various flavors which can change from season to season. Some of the flavors are rose, blueberry, strawberry, double chocolate, watermelon, raspberry, vanilla, mocha, mint chocolate, and coffee. 

Chocolate Caramel 

You can avail of handmade gourmet which are chewy and soft with a buttery flavor. This is a great idea for your sweet tooth. It has 23 individually wrapped caramel for each box. 

Bean Box Coffee

If you like to experience the world’s best coffee, then you can try the product of Bean Box. It features coffee products from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Columbia, Brazil, and Kona. You can experience chocolatey coffees, fruit-flavored roasts, and earthy blends. This is perfect for coffee lovers. 

Gourmet Dates 

You can have dates filled with pistachios, pecans, almonds, apricots, and hazelnuts now. It is also presented in a gold or silver box. These delicious dates are gluten-free, vegan, low-calorie, and all-natural which is the best example of Gourmet gift hampers & Christmas hampers. 


You can try the GourmEgg which is spices for your poultry, chicken, steak, seafood, fries, or any other dish. Some of the flavors that you can try are Curry, Class, Spicy, and Greek.

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