A Good Night’s Sleep Made in the USA

A Good Night’s Sleep Made in the USA from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Your bedding is the packaging of comfortable sleep. It’s important to get just the right comforter, mattress, and set of sheets for your quality of sleep and peace of mind. It’s also important to know that your bedding was ethically and properly made. Keep reading about a good night’s sleep made in the USA.

Your bedding can be more than just bedding, too. Some companies, besides offering this quality, also donate to world relief. How amazing it would be to know that, addition to buying high-quality bedding, 50% of the profit will go towards the world water crisis. When you go to sleep at night, there will be a living human being, a mother, father, or child, whose life was saved by the purchase of your sheets, comforter, or mattress. Any company that dedicated to giving back to the world is a company worth doing business with. Since companies exist that prioritize giving back, they should be at the top of your list.

While many people focus on mattresses and comforters for their quality of slumber, sheets have a huge impact on the standard of our sleep. You can purchase sheets made in the USA and rest peacefully knowing what that means. Sheets made in the USA have a traceable supply chain, so from the farm to your bed, you can trust every step of the process. You can trust that each worker was paid a fair, livable wage. You can trust that the facility where the sheets were made used environmentally-conscious practices. That’s what being made in the USA means a guarantee of ethics. Nowhere else should you be more assured of humanity’s better than when lying down to sleep. Another benefit to having sheets made in the USA is if they’re made with the world’s finest cotton from California’s Central Valley. The cotton used is so superior it qualifies as Supima cotton, cotton so high in quality that only 1% of the world’s cotton qualifies.

In a world where we focus so much on ourselves and so much on our possessions, it truly will bring sweet sleep to know we focused our energy instead of helping humanity. Most of us will never get around to donating to all the charity organizations we want to. We notice one, want to donate, and then forget. But next time you need new bedding, remember that you can do your shopping and donate to your world all with the same click. The environment, the wages of the workers, and the world water crisis will all benefit when you make the right decision.

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