Good Hands For The #GoodLife

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Life has not always been the best for my family. I know sometimes I make things seem so perfect but let’s face it not everything can be perfect. When my oldest daughter was in kindergarten, there was a problem with my husband’s immigration status so we had to go to Mexico to get it fixed. No sooner had we arrived at our appointment we heard the dreaded words that so many here. Sorry you will have to stay here in Mexico until the paperwork goes through and that will take up to a year or more. So picture this, I am young mom of two girls ages 5 and 2 and an American citizen to boot and I am at an American consulate in Mexico being spoken to by a person born in Mexico telling me that my husband of 6 years would not be allowed back into the country that my dad who served in the Marines for over 20 years fought wars for because there was a problem with his status. Now I will admit that like many I was very naïve when it came to immigration laws. A lot of people think when a person marries an American citizen that they immediately become a citizen as well but that is not true. There is so much paperwork to be filed, fees to be paid (and it is costly) to sometimes a full blown investigation. We had all the proof that was needed but still they denied my husband his green card. He was told that he had to stay in Mexico a year and then reapply. We left that consulate in San Juan, Mexico and went to visit his parents in Leon we drove through the night and arrived the next night, yep they lived that far away. I then called his boss man and let him know the situation. Together, my husband and I decided that I would bring the girls back to the United States so that Maddie could return to school, leaving Raul behind. This was in November, Christmas passed and we spent it alone. All the while this was going on his boss made was working behind the scenes to make some things happen. You see he had friends in high places that were able to push the paperwork through faster and he was home by February. But it was long 4 months of waiting, crying, having to be a single parent to small children is no fun at all. I remember nights talking to Raul on the phone and telling him how much we missed them and this was before we had internet or Face time. The happiest day of my life besides the days that my daughters were born was when we picked him up at the airport and knew finally that Daddy was home. He received his resident green card and a little over a year later, our youngest daughter Gracie was born. So you see if you cannot see the light at the end of tunnel there is always one there it is just around the bend so keep going and soon you will break through that rough patch as well.

That is why I am so happy to be taking part in Allstate Good Life campaign. This campaign focuses on being optimistic and celebrating your victory over fear. So join with me in this campaign and share your own good life stories as well let’s all join together to help each other celebrate the victories of our lives.

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