Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

Easy Ways to Improve Your Health from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Health is a gift. While many of us don’t suffer from a regular, ongoing health issue, we don’t realize how few decisions away we are from obtaining one. Diet, exercise, and bad habits could all result in a serious health issue a few years down the road–unless we start on the road to recovery now.


No one wants to think about diet when it comes to health. In our minds, we picture never being full, never eating what we want to, and on-and-off starving ourselves. It’s a horrible way to live, and we’d rather just ignore our diets and live with a little extra weight. The problem is, extra weight can lead to serious diseases, and that’s when it becomes important to change lifestyles. Rather than running yourself through the wringer trying to lose weight, instead try to limit the amount of processed food and animal protein you consume. Just by sticking to vegan breakfasts and lunches, you can, literally, change your life. New studies show that a vegan diet can rewrite 500 genes in your body. Goodbye, genetic issues. The China Study is a fascinating read on how a healthy diet can undermine the threat of cancer, heart disease, and most other diseases common in the Western world.


If you’re still in an unhealthy habit like smoking, you’re likely sick of all the people telling you to quit. While the best option for your health is still to be nicotine-free, you don’t have to give your habits up entirely, or all at once. If you don’t plan on quitting anytime soon, try to switch to a healthier alternative, like high quality vaporizers. Vaporizers are not only healthier overall, they also save you upwards of 2,000 dollars a year, and they eliminate old problems like a risk of fire.


While you might hear about any natural health product and shake your head, muttering about the placebo effect, CBD oil is one to take notice of. Now being studied by the US government in relation to HIV, liver disease, memory loss, anxiety, and cancer, CBD has multiple benefits to human health. A glance over the CBD oil benefits list and you may decide something this versatile could change your life.

Our health is often something we take for granted until it’s too late. Rather than waiting for doctor bills and a possibly-terminal illness rear their ugly heads, we can take steps now towards living a healthier life. Many things about our habits are easily changed, and we can literally rewrite our futures by the choices we make today.

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