Fit Moms For Life Review And G!veaway

Fit Moms For Life by Dustin Maher is a guidebook for moms who never seem to be able to make the time for themselves to exercise. In this book moms are given guidelines for exercise and healthy meals. Maher does not only target moms he also tells how to get kids to eat healthy and move more hopefully ending the battle of overindulgence. His message to moms is very simple. As he puts it ” Putting yourself first is the least selfish thing you can do.” Why is that you ask? Because when you feel good about yourself and you are not so stressed out all the time,it reflects in the way you respond to your family. The better you feel the less stressed out you will feel and the less snappy you will be with your family. This will lead to everyone in your family being happier.
The main objective was a lesson that I needed to learn. I realized that what I eat and my exercise routine or lack there of contributed to how I felt and I think that sometimes I have not been so nice to my family. I also think that sometimes it also comes out in my writings. This book is going to be my guidebook this year. I decided to make some little snippets of this book highlighted features that I will run from time to time. I hope that this will enable not only myself but also you to become fitter, less stressed and amazing moms and people that I know we all can become.
Bu guess what I have another secret with you to share?? You can win a copy of this book for yourself. How you ask?? Two Words – Rafflecopter Form.

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