Fighting the Cold Sores with #Abreva and a Giveaway

Close your eyes and imagine if you will, the holiday season is here. You are excited about attending all your holiday events. There is one event that you are really care about. You have planned out the outfit that you are going to wear down to the shoes. You wake up the morning of the event excited and counting down the hours, you look in the mirror…..

Shock sets in and you come to the realization that you have a cold sore that has erupted on your lip.


cold soreYou curse your luck and begin to make a plan to deal with that cold sore.Has this ever happened to you?? It has to me. Sometimes they come on without warning but most of the time the main trigger for me is anytime I have a cold. Colds bring on those dreaded cold sores. Cold sores are very embarrassing. I teach so when I have one of these little buggers, I am very self-conscious of how I look. You know little children notice everything and sometimes they have no filter. Unfortunately and fortunately, that age group is the age group that I teach.


abrevaWhen I do have that eruption of the dreaded cold sore, I rush to the store for some Abreva. This is the only product that I have found that works for my cold sores. The immediate relief helps to make these cold sores tolerable. I have found that this works better than the other products on the market. Now I know that each person’s body responds to medicines in different way but thankfully this works great for me. Even if it does not take away the cold sore completely it allows for these to become tolerable and makes it so that I am not as self-conscious about having one.

Also did you know that Abreva is the only over the counter medicine approved by the FDA has proven to shorten the life span of a cold sore.

Abreva and Mom Central has graciously given me the opportunity to give a $25 gift card to Amazon to one lucky winner. Just enter using the rafflecopter form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

“Disclaimer: I am participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Abreva, and received free product and compensation in return for my participation.”

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  1. I get cold sores a lot. Probably four times a year. In fact I have one now. I just usually let them dry up and go away on their own.

  2. Unfortunately once cold sores are developed there isn’t anything much that can speed up healing. There is a product called Zovirax here in the Uk but you use it when you feel the tingle of the cold sore starting. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  3. i have gotten cold sores, i usually buy some kind of medicine like abreva. luckily haven’t had one in years

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